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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Called seven easy ways to avoid an early death

Journalist and popularizer of science Hillary Broek provided a list of simple steps that can reduce blood pressure and prolong life. As noted in the article published by Business Insider, hypertension is sometimes called “the silent killer”, so people should take action, able to prevent it, especially if they benefit in other ways.

photo: pixabay.com

People seeking to avoid high blood pressure are advised to avoid stress, in particular, to devote sufficient attention to sleep and sometimes to allow ourselves to get distracted from the important things. As stated, sometimes only 15-20 minutes a day in quiet surroundings, allowing you to simply “take a deep breath” can be very useful to humans. Another tip is also about avoiding stress is a good way to do this is declared to the time that a person spends with family and friends or even alone.

Some other recommendations relate to proper nutrition. First, it is argued that to prevent hypertension in General helps getting rid of excess weight and eating foods rich in fiber, including whole grains. Also the author advises to limit the consumption of salt and sugar, but eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. As recalled, Break contained in salt sodium can interfere with the liver effectively purify the body, and fruits contain potassium, which the body, in a sense, the sodium “opposes”.

In addition, the article encourages to drink as little as possible, because the third one “serving” of alcohol per day causes an increase in blood pressure, and if you drink regularly, the consequences can also be long-term. Smokers Hillary Brueck recommends to give up the habit completely as soon as possible, as some substances contained in tobacco cause the arteries to narrow and damage their walls, thereby causing a rise in blood pressure.

Finally, the expert recommends not to neglect physical exercise or even just lead an active lifestyle, and first of all it concerns elderly people.

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