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Friday, February 16, 2018

The OSCE in the Donbas: knows all, but to monitor few

Special monitoring mission of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (SMM OSCE) is an unarmed civilian mission, which operates in all regions of Ukraine. It began its work on March 21, 2014 in connection with the appeal of the government of Ukraine to the OSCE and the consensus decision of all 57 countries participating in the OSCE due to the armed conflict in the Donbass. Its main task is to impartially and objectively observe the situation in Ukraine and report on it, and also to promote dialogue between all parties to the conflict.

Photo: osce.org.

Over the past 2017 workers the OSCE has collected a significant number of the materials confirming the fact of Ukrainian aggression in the Donbass. Weekly recorded cases of absence of the Ukrainian military equipment in the location, and constantly undertaken measures to ensure that employees of the OSCE to monitor the conflict zone. All of this information is in the records of the organization. Consider it at least partially.

6 Jan 2017 – at the site of withdrawal lacks the APU 28 tanks and 7 mortars. March 26 – location no 64 tanks. April 2 – no 12 13 tanks and mortars. April 4 – 64 tanks and 4 mortar rounds. April 12 – 41 tank and 3 mortar. 23 – may- 14 mortars. June 13 – 21 tank. July 6 – no three howitzers and one MLRS. August 25 – the prohibition of access to the neighboring district on the basis of possible threats of attacks by the enemy. August 27 – the observers denied access to the place of accommodation designated heavy weapons without any explanation. 28 August – a patrol of the OSCE detained for 45 minutes by the Ukrainian military. September 4 – officer APU explained to the OSCE staff that his connection to fire in the case of “the emergence of spies in sight,” thereby denying the existence of the order to cease fire. 18 September – 25 tanks and 14 mortar is missing from the storage location. September 29 – APU officers require the OSCE patrol to report the nationality of the employees. 16 Oct – 13 anti-tank guns do not exist in the place-of-way. November 10 – UAV mission found firing positions APU, connected by trenches, near the village of Petrovsky. November 21 – 29 5 mortars and mortars are out of their positions of withdrawal. 1 Dec – 46 7 tanks and mortars. From local residents, it became known that fighters of “Azov” entered the village Travneve and control it. 5 Dec – UAV mission found a military camp APU with tents, bunkers, firing positions, shelters for cars, three BMPs and one armored personnel carriers near Travneve. After some time, was discovered near another military camp, bunkers and trenches. December 11 – near Chermalyk firing recorded by the Ukrainian military. December 17 – near the village of Tachibana patrol of the OSCE is not allowed to military APU.

It’s just part of excerpts from the report of the OSCE. Self-evident that not only the Ukrainian side violates the cease-fire and moves their equipment in the security zone. But the actions of the APU different offensive nature of the Republic have to defend.

Nevertheless, it is worth noticing that the efforts of the OSCE for the full monitoring is clearly insufficient. Across the mission employs 691 people, but only a small part of them visited the line of contact and is actually a missing area of differentiation. I can assume that the number of such employees is less than 200, while the length of the front of Ukraine and republics is more than 300 km away. the Downside is insufficient availability of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are better than fixed emplacements and military equipment of the parties. Their number should be increased – it will only benefit. The problem seems to be permanent military officials informing each other of the approach of the representatives of the mission, with the result that it is often possible to take measures to concealment of movement and suspension of movement of the mission. However, obvious solutions to this problem are unlikely to offer the staff of the OSCE is rarely possible to use a facto of surprise.

The introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission along the zone of demarcation could partially reduce the intensity of the armed conflict. But this initiative zamylivaetsya proposals of Kiev and Washington to introduce peacekeepers along the border of the Russian Federation and the republics, despite the fact that the fighting was not conducted. Therefore, there are serious doubts that the Ukrainian and American authorities are interested in genuine resolution of the conflict.

Kiev has direct responsibility for the armed conflict in the Donbass, and the civilian casualties, which according to the available UN data, mostly noted among the living on the territory of DPR and LPR people.

The Western community must pay attention to the facts of aggressive warfare on the part of Ukraine and the numerous violations of the ceasefire – and, hence, of the Minsk agreements. Only objective and unbiased opinion, which posited Western human rights activists and journalists are able to shed light on the criminal actions of the current Ukrainian government, the ongoing war in the Donbass and causing tremendous damage to the region.

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