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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The government decided to change the system of fines for violators of traffic rules

The government wants to give to everyone the regions the authority to prosecute 38 for traffic violations recorded by video cameras. Simultaneously in the state Duma the initiative about the target collected from the motorists in fines to the regional road funds. It turns out that the more violations, the more money will be spent on construction and repair of roads in the given subject of the Russian Federation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“MK” repeatedly wrote about the government bill, which the Parliament, after much deliberation, adopted at first reading on 6 December 2017: it provided for the transferability of the Moscow authority for the imposition of administrative sanctions 38 for traffic violations recorded by video cameras. A necessary condition for the conclusion by authorities of the capital of the relevant agreement with the Ministry of interior. The first Deputy Minister Alexander Gorovoy in the plenary hall then said that if the protocols will be to write to local authorities, because of the cameras they buy and put, and the traffic on it is banal there is no money.

At the same time, Mr. Gorovoy said that the second reading of the new features can receive and other subjects of the Federation: according to Colonel-General, the interest of power 31 of the region.

And here at session of the government Commission on legislative work early this week approved the text of the amendments for the second reading, developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs and agreed with the Ministry of justice and Ministry of economic development (“MK”). From the document follows that proposed initially for the capital the exclusive rules will work in any region entered into an agreement with the Ministry of interior. In the case of adoption of the new rules will earn 180 days from the date of publication of the law — it is likely that this could happen in the fall of 2018. By this time, apparently, the government will develop technical requirements for automatic equipment to commit violations, the collection and storage of information collected.

An impressive list of traffic violations, the right to punish for the violation of which will be the local officials, according to the government, do not need to revise. And in this list, along with speeding, Parking rules, or stop, exit at the oncoming or passing a red traffic signal, there is a violation of the rules of using a phone while driving, and using seat belts. In the conclusion of Legal Department of state Duma had previously expressed doubts about the possibility of reliable fixation of the latter two types of violations, but the interior Ministry believes that there are no problems here. With this I agree in principle and the first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on legislation and state building Vyacheslav Lysakov (“ER”). By the way, in conversation with “MK” g-n Lysakov said that the amendment would extend the adopted law on the whole country, “violates approved in the first reading the concept»…

It is curious that the government proposes in the future to transfer to the regions the right to write a report not only for traffic violations but also for other, not associated with roads and motorists violations if, for example, at this point there is the decision of the President or of the government taken in accordance with other laws.

The head of the Committee on state construction and the legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia) told “MK” that the amendments from the government on Okhotnyy Ryad is officially not yet received. He reminded the MPs insist that the agreements of regional authorities with Federal departments and agencies on the transfer of powers has been published and was available to all residents of specific territories. This requirement provides another bill introduced in the state Duma in 2016, but still not even accepted in the first reading.

Earlier, the deputies, who objected to the transfer of authority for administering many automatically recorded violations of traffic rules region, said that the fines collected from motorists is one of the growing sources of revenues of budgets of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. A gold mine, so to speak. Now the money is dissolved in the regional budgets can be used for any purpose. But before the government submitted to the state Duma prepared by the Ministry of transport bill, which, as of 1 January 2019 makes collected from violators of traffic rules the money “painted”. They will be directed to the regional road funds and used for construction and repair of roads in territory of the subject.

The explanatory Memorandum States that the bill has been prepared in accordance with the instructions of the President… from 2014, which is duplicated in 2016. In the whole country in 2016 fined for violation of the legislation on road safety joined the regional budget of 60 billion rubles. In this figure, and the money collected from fined for failing to pay the “Plato” truck.

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