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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Putin and seven: decided all participants of the presidential election

The certificate of the participant of the presidential campaign presented to the representative of Vladimir Putin, before others gathered and passed to the Central electoral Commission necessary for the independent candidate 300 thousand signatures. The CEC also announced the completion of the verification of signatures collected all the remaining candidates to participate in the race. Now members of the ballot election of the 2018 known — it will be 8 names.

Photo: CEC

Recall that a threshold of marriage during the collection of signatures is 5%. None of the current “candidates to candidates” this critical line not crossed, though the closest she was approached by Boris Titov.

Those who wish to participate in the presidential race found the following number of “marriage»:

Vladimir Putin, the independent candidate, — 0,39%;

Grigory Yavlinsky, “Yabloko” — 1,07%;

Ksenia Sobchak, “Civil initiative” — 1,33%;

Sergei Baburin, “Russian national Union” — 3,18%;

Maxim Suraykin, “Communists Of Russia”, — 3,72%;

Boris Titov, The “Party Of Growth” — 4,35%.

For nominees of the parliamentary parties, the collection of signatures is not required — thus the representative of the Communist party Pavel Grudinin and LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky this stage of the campaign “jumped”.

We must remember that in many presidential elections verification of signatures was an important step.

The first presidential elections took place on 12 June 1991. For nominating candidates was required to collect the signatures of 100 thousand citizens, or at least a fifth of the total number of deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

The required number collected 5 candidate “pairs”, including the tandem Yeltsin–Rutskoi. Vladimir Zhirinovsky together with “partner” also became participants of the race, enlisting the support of half of the deputies. In 1991, all 6 candidate “pairs” successfully overcame the stage of collecting signatures and verification.

1996. The rules have been tightened: the candidates were required to collect at least 1 million signatures of citizens. The right to collect signatures received 17 applicants, including nationally well-known owner of “MMM” Sergei Mavrodi, whose Commission has rejected space the number of signatures is 480 thousand from 1 million 211 thousand petitions Mavrodi was sent to the Prosecutor. Another leader in the collection of defective signatures was a socialist Martin Shakkum — 497 thousand from 1 million 211 thousand

2000. Due to the fact that elections were held ahead of schedule, the bar collecting the required number of signatures was reduced from one million to 500 thousand. The refusal to register the threatened candidates in the event, if subject to verification of signatures (20% of the total) more than 15% to be unreliable, and if less marriage will be less than 500 thousand signatures.

Signatures handed over to the CEC by 15 candidates. Three of them were not the presidential candidates: two have received the required number of signatures of citizens, and one he withdrew his candidacy when he found out that out of 520 thousand signatures in his support, the CEC rejected 35 thousand.

2004. By the time of these elections the country had more “ruthless” the law for registration by the Central election Commission, a candidate had to collect 2 million signatures of citizens. However, nominees of parliamentary parties since 2003, the collection of signatures is not required (this rule is valid today). The collection of signatures was ready to start 8 candidates, but in the end the subscription lists handed over only 5. All provide lists candidates according to the results of test were registered.

2008. The documents for registration to the Central election Commission this time has provided 4 members of political parties (later one of them, Boris Nemtsov withdrew his candidacy) and 11 independents. On the basis of fake signatures out of the race, only one candidate — the former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who was diagnosed of 13.36% of marriage, which is almost three times exceeded the permissible limit.

2012. The election was attended by representatives of all four parliamentary parties. Of non-parliamentary candidates only oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov was the power to collect 2 million signatures, not causing suspicions at the election Commission. The Governor of the Irkutsk region Dmitry Mezentsev, weed out 10% of signatures of citizens, Grigory Yavlinsky — more than 25% of the 2 million 86 thousand Yavlinsky tried to appeal the CEC decision to the Supreme court, however, the court recognized the legitimate refusal.

The law on elections, based on which the campaign takes place in 2018, many experts consider quite liberal, at least, to collect 100 or even 300 thousand citizens ‘ signatures is much easier than a million or two.

In turn, the Central election Commission, noted professional work of the candidate teams, who collected the signatures. “Signatures and signature sheets are the best from what was in the last election campaign, — says the Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev. — The number of signatures recognized invalid, is not so great, and the number of false recognized quite a few five, six, eight signatures…»

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