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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pomegranate pilot Roman Filipov: the expert spoke about the weapons of the deceased

The body of major Roman Filipov, the su-25 pilot, who was killed in Syria and became the Hero of Russia posthumously, brought to Moscow, will be buried on February 8 in Voronezh, where he was born Roman. The Network discussed the video and photos of Idlib, which appeared after the death of the officer. We tried to figure out what weapons led the last fight of major Filipov and that the user receive a military pilots in case of ejection in enemy territory.

Roman Filipov. From the personal archive.

We will remind, the Deputy commander of the squadron assault regiment of the Eastern military district Roman Filipov made his last sortie on 3 February. Pair of su-25 was supposed to fly over the zone near the city of Idlib, where now there are active hostilities. The plane of the major was shot down by a portable anti-aircraft missile complex, the pilot ejected. He landed near the village of tell Debes and joined the battle to surround him with gunmen. First he was fired from a regular gun. After receiving a severe injury to the officer, closely surrounded by the terrorists blew himself up with a grenade. The last words of the hero: “This is for boys!»

Watch the video on:
“Last moments of the pilot Filipova: “This is for boys!”»


Before departure pilots will receive the combat mission and are instructed. During the training the pilots remind the algorithm of actions during emergencies.

Uniform rules about this no. It all depends on what time of year and what area is the departure. How to tell the pilots that have combat experience, the first rule — as far as possible away from the site of the crash, because this area will sift through very carefully.

The pilot has a portable VHF radio transmitter that sends a signal at a certain frequency and it is possible to contact search and rescue. Disguised, he must include it. Search-and-rescue team will sabalingam the lighthouse and finds the pilot.

In cases of emergency to communicate the pilot can use a cell phone. If aid is not a long time, then secretly moving, to go towards the base, occasionally including the beacon. According to the instructions, the pilot shot down over enemy territory necessary to avoid people and human settlements. If the pilot noticed that the rescue group nearby, he lights a smoke signal or launches a signal flare.

At departure the pilot always carry an emergency reserve (NAE), which is mounted under the seat. Primarily it is a means of survival. NAZ is equipped with an emergency beacon “Komar-2M”, which is automatically activated in the event of a bailout. Also included – automatic machine AKSU, a universal signal cartridges, solid fuel, bandages, matches, mirror, as well as salt, sugar and water. That can help you survive during the day in case of emergency evacuation of the aircraft.

As told “MK” a source close to the defense Ministry, the Stechkin automatic pistol was the standard-issue weapon Filipov. “When you sortie he is always with you on the holster, – the source said. – Grenades are a personal initiative of the pilot, in war, it is not punishable. They are separate fuses, can be stored in the so-called unloading pilot”.

According to the source, major just did not have time to get the machine from the emergency stash and used the weapons he had at hand. Also keep in mind that the cockpit of the su-25 is rather small, so keep it an Arsenal is simply impossible.

Speaking about personal things Filipova, the source suggested that, as a rule, the pilots, especially attack aircraft, very superstitious, so often, “luck” can take it with them, no relation to the departure does not have.

Search-and-rescue team, which at the time of departure is always on duty at the airport Hamim in constant combat readiness, just-in-time do not have time to get to the scene of the last battle of major Filipov. You need to consider that in this area there are numerous terrorist groups and getting there by helicopter is suicide. The group moved to ground transportation. However, given the transience of the battle, it was too late.

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