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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pilot Roman Filipov said: “I will never give up, better shot!»

President Putin awarded the deceased in Syria, the su-25 pilot Novel Filipovo the title of Hero of Russia. The body of the pilot is now taken to a military airfield “Chkalov” – to the remains of the pilot helped the Turks.

Roman Filipov will be buried in his native Voronezh. We talked with those who knew of the Affair. In one of the conversations with friends about the “hot spots,” he said, “”I will never give up, better shot!”Father Filipova was also a military pilot, he fought in Chechnya.

Photo: social networks.

Hometown Roman Filipov was Voronezh. Here he finished school №85.

Roma came to us from 9 “B” class 10 “And” mathematics class, says his head teacher Ludmila G. Lazarev. – We have studied mathematics and physics. The class was very strong, the load was large. Previously, Roma studied in a weak class. Once in the profile, math class, pulled. Even then he set a goal of becoming a pilot. Worked very hard. After all, competition in military school was huge.

After class they are all class at the school stadium and played football. Roma were mainly in defence. He was of medium height, very discreet, shy, “not schebetun”, a very suave guy. Did it all justice. No one ever caught him in a lie. And his smile was simply disarming.

All were from the family. Roma parents are very intelligent. His mother was a nurse, dad is a pilot, fought in the hot spots. But, despite employment, he was in the PTA. Men, as a rule, do not really want to engage in social work. And Romin dad was very responsible. Broken locker. Whom to ask? Call Nicholas Filipov! And Roma was the same is mandatory.

In our school, and his younger sister. Which Roma took care of touching.

In their 2001 release year was six medalists. And the Novel in the certificate was more fives than fours.

After school he came to us already in uniform. A nice, handsome cadet. Told about studying at the flight school. Went to all teachers. We were sincerely glad. More I have not seen him. He left to serve in the far East.

When I saw on the news that Syria shot down our plane, I was immediately overcome by a feeling of anxiety. Just couldn’t find. The name of the pilot was not yet known. And then I called the headmaster, said that the deceased pilot of the Roma Filipov. I said, “you, My darling…”When I recalled his high school years, how he stood up for the weak when it showed integrity, I realized that there, in Syria, it is nothing to do just could not.

His parents and left to live in the same house-“candle”, next to the school. Imagine how hard it is now.

Classmates of the Novel still can’t believe that he was alive.

– We went with Roma together until 9th grade, – says Elena. – He was very humble, friendly, sociable but it was not perfect. He had two companions. But it was really true, loyal friends. Hill stood up for each other. After school and kept in touch.

From Romka was already felt in the core character. He didn’t stick out, but could insist on. Did not change his principles. After school he and dreamed, enrolled in flight school. Very serious about learning. They had their schedule for the reunion he missed.

– The novel was very calm, totally peaceful. The view is not of a strong Constitution, but the look is a very strong-willed, it felt internal force, says classmate Roman Filipov, Love. – After school we went to different cities. He found me in the social network, said that flying on military aircraft, lives in the Primorsky Krai, serves at the air base in Chernigovka. Wrote that very much wants children. You have, well, kids soon will go to school, it’s time to catch up. Then I found out that he had a daughter.

Anastasia Karpukhina met Roman when he was still a cadet. In the 4th year he transferred to the Krasnodar higher military aviation school in Borisoglebsk, learned to fly in a aviation Training center of training of flight personnel front-line bomber and attack aircraft Chkalov.

Roma went to school with my first husband, only he was a year older, studied in the fifth year, and called twice at the fourth, the faculty attack aircraft, – says Anastasia. A year and a half, they lived in Borisoglebsk in Voronezh region in one apartment and we in the neighborhood. Since they were introduced.

Roma is a very bright man, to him no dirt sticking. He was very reliable, that does not ask will do. Love for life it just beat key. He never did. Any situation could find a way out. And when friends something happened – could help, and to find the right words to support.

His parents had lived in Voronezh, 250 kilometers from Borisoglebsk. Once a month, he managed to escape to see his mother, father and younger sister. Back all the time with bags full of homemade food. Mother him “on track” used to bake all sorts of Goodies, which immediately went to the common table. We had a holiday as the only Roma from the house came.

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Mama Roma was a nurse and worked in a military hospital, his father – a military pilot who fought in Chechnya. He was very proud of them.

Before my eyes still stands his smiling face. Remember, we were sitting in August at the table at the bottom of the birth of the Novel, when I was talking about the fighting, he said: “I never give up, better shot!”He was a patriot, proud of and Russia, and their profession. The sky was for him — everything!

Even then he met Olga, she was born in Borisoglebsk. My husband was assigned to Chita. Before leaving, the novel managed to introduce us with his chosen. Then we learned that she became his wife. Roma and Olga had a daughter.

After school the novel came to serve in Chernigovka in the far East. And lasts a long time in one place. Was very responsible.

We often are a big company went to my parents, who lived 20 kilometers from Borisoglebsk. And when we have flown in Transbaikalia, in the garrison, Roma continued to travel to my parents. Helped as they could. He was a very respectful person. Mom and dad took him as a son. For them the death of Roma is now a very large mountain.

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