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Friday, April 20, 2018

Neanderthals used fire in unexpected ways, said paleontologists

It is believed that Neanderthals were much less “tech-savvy” than CRO-magnons, but they knew how to handle weapons made of stone and even wood. A recent study carried out by Italian archaeologists, have shown that to make a wooden workpiece of the desired shape hominids used fire.

photo: Elizabeth Clasina

By studying Neanderthal the Parking lot of the middle Paleolithic era, whose age is estimated at 174-168 thousands of years, the researchers found a stick, presumably intended for loosening the soil and hunt small burrowing animals. Attention was drawn to the fact that some of these devices were slightly burnt, and all spoke in favor of the fact that it was done deliberately.

Guns discovered by experts, were made of boxwood — very hard wood, which was a Neanderthals — and had not pointed like spears, and rounded and charred. To the conclusion that it may be the so-called “sand-diggers”, the scientists came after he compared ancient fixtures with those that use today the representatives of some African tribes. While the hadza and the Bushmen burn the stick, so those were not pointed tip. Scientists have suggested that in the distant past, the past in the same way did the Neanderthals. Specialists also experimentally confirmed that the burned branches are easier to release from bark and knots.

The study was presented in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Last year experts from Cambridge, the University of Bordeaux and the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, found in the Crimea, the decoration of the Neanderthals the bones from the crow. On the bone was caused serifs, and, according to scientists, this was done for decorative purposes. According to the researchers, this finding suggests that Neanderthals were not alien to the sense of beauty.

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