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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Humanity will die from mercury poisoning during global warming

Long been known, global warming on earth leads to a gradual melting of the Arctic glaciers. However, all the real consequences of this process for people until science could not predict. American geologists were able to make a real breakthrough in this field of research and prove that the greenhouse effect is not the most terrible consequence of global warming. It turns out that melting the glaciers there is a huge accumulation of mercury which may ultimately lead to the destruction of humanity.

During 8 years of research a team of scientists from the U.S. Geological survey found that in the permafrost stored vast reserves of mercury, is capable of going out to poison the entire planet. Drilled 13 wells in different parts of Alaska ice, the researchers came to the conclusion that in the ground is about 1656 of thousands of tons of mercury, that is two times more than the entire planet.

According to scientists found mercury is of natural origin. This substance is present in small amounts in the atmosphere and preserved in glaciers over the millennia since the ice age.

At the moment, the danger is that global warming will release from captivity the mercury, which very quickly gets into the water and atmosphere. While mercury is a first class toxins, that is the most dangerous to humans. Besides, at the moment of the path distribution, and the safe recycling of this metal is still not understood.

How soon can we expect the end of the world is there an escape from the global spread of mercury, we have found from ecologist Alexander Chernyaev:

“Of course, the study of American scientists has discovered one of the possible negative effects of global warming. Even if the process will occur very slowly this can not affect the state of the ecosystem. Moreover, already known cases of poisoning polar bears in the substance. But while no one knows what the consequences will be the release of poison from melting glaciers — local or global nature. Scholars themselves in their study, describe several possible scenarios: the poison through the water will spread around the world, and can stay within the Arctic, poisoned only its ecosystem. So let’s hope that the end of the world our planet the Arctic mercury will not bring”.

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