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Sunday, February 25, 2018

At the time of arrest to the court of the Dagestan officials grinning

In the center of Moscow on 6 February to resolve important regional issue. The Basmanny court handed down a decision concerning preventive measures for the top of the Dagestan government. Ministers decided to skip through the Basmanny court in several stages. The first went to former Minister of education of the Republic of Sahabas shahs, and then at intervals of an hour before the judge appeared, the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Abdusamad Hamidov and his deputies Isaev and Yusufov.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

They are accused of fraud totaling nearly 100 million rubles. More recently, Dagestani managers seemed to be the storm of the North Caucasus republics. But, standing before the equally famous Basmanny justice, they turned to a classic of corrupt officials.

In the heart of Basmanny district court said nothing about the fact that its walls were crucial for the process of Dagestan. At the covered with snow streets Muscovites hurrying about their business, and at the door of the temple of Themis, and even inside was not enhanced protection. However, before the court no one wanted to make an example of you. On the contrary, the allegations were clearly only a small part of their alleged acts. One of the architect of the corrupt scheme was shahs. The ex-Minister of education is accused of having created the plan for the abduction of more than 30 million rubles allocated for the construction of kindergarten. To his scheme, he wired the Prime Minister of the Republic, believes the prosecution.

While the judge read out his verdict, the shahs held, as expected from the Highlander, proudly. He swayed a bit excited and sometimes it feels like even grinned. However, when the judge said: “Two months of arrest,” the former Minister of crippled. Accused of kidnapping the children of the kindergarten began to shake hands and something frantically to explain to your lawyer. But that was nothing he could do. Shakhov, apparently, really was convinced of his innocence. Unlike all the other defendants in the case, he used the services of counsel, and in the process were not attended by his relatives.

Next, there appeared before the court Abdusamad Hamidov. In addition to complicity in the embezzlement of money allocated for the construction of a kindergarten, he is accused of stealing from the budget of the Republic of 41 million rubles. According to investigators, the crime was committed in the period from 2013 to 2014 thanks to the bogus auction for the reconstruction of temporary detention of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship.

Hamidov came into the courtroom smiling. At the door he waited for his wife, nephews, sons and their friends. The retired Prime Minister of Dagestan is clearly felt no remorse. However, his relatives said directly that the head of the family will probably be planted, since it is the FSB. Hamidov’s lawyer after the meeting, announced that his client denies his guilt and believes that the whole thing is sewn with white thread. In particular, he stressed that if his 2014 year was supposed to be not one check.

But who really felt at ease, so it’s Shamil Isaev. While he was led along the corridor, it was evident that one of the leading politicians of Dagestan is in complete confusion. It seemed that his shaking legs.

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According to investigators, Isaev actually took the property of the tourist base “eagle’s nest”. He included this object in the Republican targeted program for 2014 to create an engineering infrastructure. In the construction process he inflated estimate and stole more than 30 million rubles, says the prosecution. And in this he was helped by the Prime Minister of Dagestan.

By the way, Dagestani officials hoped to the last that arrest them will be avoided. Yadav’s lawyer asked to release his client on bail of 500 thousand rubles. For Isaeva “gave” for 25 million But the court verdict: “will sit”. While all the accused identified by 2 months of arrest.

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