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Monday, February 12, 2018

As Dagestan was a “domestic abroad”: welfare of the elites on the money of Moscow

Arrested a high-ranking Dagestani officials charged with fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). 5 Feb officials were transferred by plane to Moscow, where the Basmanny court decision about election of a measure of restraint in form of detention. Former acting Chairman of the government of Dagestan Abdusamad Gamidov, his Deputy Shamil Isaev, a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economy and territorial development Rudina Yusufov, Minister of education and science of the Republic of Sahabas Yadav accused that they stole 107.8 million rubles allocated from the Federal budget on the social sector and the investment program of the Dagestan Republic.

A frame from the video IC.

The message of the official representative of the TFR details the details of the criminal schemes that have been stolen. So, 20 million rubles were inflated value of the building purchased for the kindergarten in Buinaksk district of the Republic. 41 million was disbursed to a certain company for fictitious contract. Former interim Deputy Prime Minister Isayev turned in fact belong to his camp in the Republican targeted investment program and through unjustified overstatement of the estimated cost of the works caused damage to the budget of 35 million rubles.

Nothing new in all this. So the “sawing” the budget corrupt officials throughout our vast country, from the South and the mountains to the Northern seas. Besides it is probably only the tip of the iceberg: what you managed to dig up in a hurry three months after to Dagestan there has arrived Vladimir Vasilyev and the corresponding task of the security forces has been delivered. And the budget of Dagestan Republic “sawed” over the years, the scheme has been well developed and still failure is not allowed.

At the time of the famous Dagestani poet Rasul Gamzatov said, “Dagestan in Russia voluntarily and was not part voluntarily from it will not work”. Indeed, against the background of the “parade of sovereignties” and the surge of separatism in other Caucasus regions of Dagestan after the collapse of the Soviet Union has shown a remarkable loyalty to the center. When in 1999 Basayev invaded the Republic, the population on its own initiative, formed militias and arms were against uninvited guests.

But as time went on. The hotbed of separatism in Chechnya had been repaid, Ingush terrorist abscess with the arrival of Yunus-Bek Yevkurov underwent a radical disinfection. After that, the training center of suicide bombers has moved to Dagestan. That is from Dagestan came two female suicide bombers on 29 Mar 2010 exploded in the Moscow metro stations Lubyanka and Park of culture. In the same year, the FSB announced the arrest in Dagestan groups are preparing attacks – six potential female suicide bombers and two of their supervisors. After that, many remembered that Dagestan is actually “the birthplace of Russian Wahhabis”: it was here first appeared in our country, the preachers of the doctrine of “pure Islam”. And with the war in Syria, Dagestan has become a major supplier of “cannon fodder” for ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

The mass Exodus of young people in the terrorist underground – is the most important indicator of socio-economic disadvantage of the region. Dagestan is the third consecutive year is the largest recipient of subsidies from the Federal budget. In 2018 the Republic will receive 59 billion rubles, or 6.6 billion more than in 2017. While Chechnya receives two times less – 27 billion rubles, but it’s the economy and infrastructure of Chechnya, not Dagestan, was almost completely destroyed by the war. The total volume of gratuitous receipts from the Federal budget will amount to 71,2 billion, which is approximately 72% of the planned revenues of the Republican budget.

Thus, according to Professor Sergei Dokholyan, the rate of bezraboticy in the Republic is about two times higher than the national average. More than 72 % of households in the region (and according to some estimates, up to 90%) spend each month on buying food for more than 50% of income. The level of consumption of staple foodstuffs is at the level of 3-12% of the existing Russian health standards. The Professor notes that the business in Dagestan forced to pay a “corruption tax” that leaves 30 to 50% of the production value.

Poverty, lack of prospects in life, the mess of corrupt cops pushing Dagestani youth to seek “alternatives”, which she often helpfully offer emissaries of terrorist organizations. As for the Republican “elite”, she mastered the business, which has 90 lush color bloomed and ears of many Russian elites of the national republics: selling loyalty to the Federal center. “Elite” – provides in the Republic relative order, builds the separatists, for which he receives from Moscow’s subsidies, which cut between his. In this game the terrorist group carry out the role of a tool and partially or fully controlled by the local security forces and officials.

Read the material: the Coup of General Vasiliev: why the Kremlin took over Dagestan

According to the same Professor Sergei Boholana “Dagestan has actually turned into the “internal abroad”, which, while formally part of the Russian Federation and using its financial resources, has long lived by its own settings, and implements their interests.” The situation before the advent of Vassiliev could not reverse, and sent from Moscow appointees, as local elites have successfully applied them to the tactics of “strangling in the arms”. And if in Chechnya and in Ingushetia bet on “local” has justified itself, the appointment to the post of head of the Republic the native of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov gave the desired effect, which is expected to center.

Therefore, it was decided to send “Varyag” equidistant from all the Dagestani clans. He, in turn, also relies on the Vikings. So, the new Prosecutor was a former investigator of one of regional Prosecutor’s offices of Moscow Denis Popov. Today, Vladimir Vasilyev made to the people’s Assembly of Dagestan the candidacy of the Minister of economy of Tatarstan Artyom Zdunov as Prime Minister of the Republic.

Moscow is acting strongly, but still carefully enough. Clearly, that’s not afraid of the arrested officials, like those who are behind them. Whether Vasiliev to break the system, or is it limited to “cosmetic repairs”, will show the near future.

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