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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Who said that increases the risk of seven cancers

In a message posted on the website of the world health organization States that alcohol could increase the risk of developing cancer. According to the who, alcohol consumption affects the risk of developing bowel cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer and throat cancer.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts explain that all types of alcoholic beverages contain ethanol, which causes damage to the cells, and also affects female hormones

Experts say that the risk increases even small doses of alcohol, however, the degree of threat depends on how much alcohol people consume. In particular, the risk of developing breast cancer in women increased by 50 percent, if the day she drinks 4 glasses of wine, and 130 percent, if 8 glasses.

As another problem, the experts mention that people do not always see the link between alcohol consumption and risk of developing diseases of this kind. As stated, the level of awareness of the connection between alcohol and specific types of cancer ranges from 18% for breast cancer to 80% for cancer of the liver. However, who argue that in the European region, cancer accounts for 12% of all deaths associated with alcohol.

As the three solutions to the problem, the authors propose to increase the taxes on alcohol products (thereby increasing its cost), to limit the availability of alcoholic beverages in retail sales.

Scientists have long warned that the consumption of large amounts of alcohol is dangerous to humans, however, about the effects on the body alcoholic beverages, drink in small amounts, the scientific community continues to be controversial. Some scientists opposed the use of alcohol in any quantities, tend to believe that studies their opponents are blunders.

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