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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The nuclear shield of the United States was full of holes: what happened to the American rocket

I remembered the words of a long forgotten song: “Clouds over the city rose. The air smells like a storm…” Nuclear clouds rose over the American cities including Washington. In the air from Hawaii to new York, the very smell of a nuclear storm. What happens? Recently a us interceptor missile failed to hit the target during a test over Hawaii. In this regard, the Pentagon once again began scratching their heads — how to protect the country from nuclear attack Pyongyang?

photo: en.wikipedia.org

The Ministry of defense said that the interceptor missile SM-3 Block 11A developed by “Raytheon”, was launched from a testing station in Hawaii. The test was damn difficult — to get a bullet in the flying bullet, as they say in the military. Unsuccessful attempt of testing was repeated. The first time the missile SM-3 Block 11A SM-3 Block 11A disappoint in June. Spouksmen Agency nuclear defense mark Wright confirmed that the test took place, but was silent about their failure. So, the nuclear shield of America was full of holes. Almost half of the tests performed over the past 13 years, ended in confusion.

In November last year, North Korea launched a missile that flew above and beyond all previous. According to experts, this Intercontinental missile had a potential range of 8,000 miles and could reach Washington, and any other purpose the continental United States. Pyongyang sweated over in order to outwit the defense systems installed in California and Alaska and over to Hawaii. He was sweating no wonder. Numerous tests of its missiles were too tough for the Pentagon’s defense system which can intercept only one or two missiles simultaneously. Moreover, the North Koreans have learned to make rockets, able to maneuver and Dodge interceptors.

In his address “state of the Union” President Donald trump has threatened Pyongyang leader Kim Jong Ynu all thunder and lightning, if he will not halt its nuclear program. Now the White house is gripped by frustration due to the fact that he sees as the reluctance of the Pentagon to provide the Trump choice (or rather, set) a military strike on North Korea. As reported from official circles, the contradictions between the White house and the Pentagon are growing.

Assistant to the President for national defence, General McMaster believes that trump should have “well-developed plans to prevent North Korean nuclear threat.” However, the Pentagon fears that the White house is moving too quickly towards military action against Pyongyang, and it supposedly can lead to an escalation of the disaster on the Korean Peninsula. Providing the President with the abundance of options, consider the above-mentioned official circles, you can increase the threat that he will resort to military action.

Tensions between the White house and the Pentagon broke the surface after it became known that the White house abandoned plans destination renowned expert on Korea, Victor Cha, U.S. Ambassador to South Korea. As stated by Cha, it was removed due to the fact that he warned the White house against a preemptive military strike on North Korea, which “could escalate into a war, threatening to ruin thousands of Americans.”

After the launch of Pyongyang’s Intercontinental missile in July last year, the Council of national security of the United States convened a telephone conference in which participated the Minister of defence Mattis and the Secretary of state Tillerson. Once General McMaster disconnected Mattis and Tillerson, thinking that on the line they were left alone, began to complain about each other to “increased aggression” of the White house against the DPRK.

The threat of a trump against Pyongyang, which he called himself “Fire and fury” (“Fire and Fury”), is considered the leading members of his Cabinet as a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, threatening to destroy its entire nuclear infrastructure. Although General McMaster also prefers a diplomatic solution to the urgent crisis, but he stressed that past attempts to negotiate with the DPRK forced the U.S. “to make unacceptable concessions.”

The Pentagon had a different opinion. Pentagon chief Mattis and Chairman of the joint group of chiefs of staff General Dunford insists on a diplomatic solution to the conflict. However a press-the Secretary both rejected the contradictions of their bosses with the President.

However, when in October last year, Mattis has visited the demilitarized zone of Korea, he openly criticized the bellicose statements the White house. He stressed that any military solution would mean the destruction of Seoul and its 10 million population “by hand” the North Korean artillery. This was said to Mattis, the Minister of defense of South Korea song young-Moo.

Even minimal impact or “raskalennyj nose” of the face according to the calculations of the Pentagon, “an unacceptable number of casualties.” Mr. Cha writes in the Washington post that the version of the “seriousness” of an American attack, which will cause Kim to return to the negotiating table does not stand up to scrutiny. “If we believe that Kim can not be curbed without such a blow, how can one assume that such an attack will not cause a similar response on his part? writes Cha. and if Kim is unpredictable, impulsive and almost irrational, how can we in a similar situation to control the escalation of the conflict?»

Cha is not alone. Michael green, chief researcher of the Center for strategic and international studies, warned against pre-emptive strike, giving evidence last Tuesday to the Senate Committee on armed services. According to him, even the Republicans-hawks probably leaning in his direction. The white house after trunovskogo “fire and fury” decided not to follow it. As said Stephen Bannon, who was then chief strategist of trump, “a military solution to this problem does not exist. Forget about it.» Bannon said: “Until then, until someone decides that part of the equation, which involves the death of 10 million people of Seoul in the first 30 minutes of conflict from conventional weapons, all conversations have no meaning”. These concerns are now dismissed’bannon parts and General McMaster.

North Korea has concentrated 8000 artillery guns and missiles on the border with South Korea, and she is able to bring down Seoul 300,000 shells in the first hour on the counter. Speaking at the program of si-Bi-si “face the nation,” the Pentagon chief Mattis was forced to admit that the “war against North Korea would be a disaster.”

This, however, does not mean that the Pentagon is not preparing for such a war. On many military bases, more than one thousand reserve officers practiced in the urgent transfer of troops to the line of the overseas conflict.

However, in parallel, the Secretary of state Tillerson continues to search for diplomatic channels. The state Department reports that the US is still far has not exhausted available non-military options. Among them, the attempt to exclude Pyongyang from the UN or the interception of vessels violating the sanctions against the DPRK.

The problem of a preemptive strike on North Korea has not yet become the borders between the White house, on the one hand, and Tillerson and Mattis, on the other. The chiefs of the state Department and Pentagon believe that the threat of pre-emptive strike restrain Pyongyang.

But we should not forget about such crucial factors as the President of the trump. The newspaper “new York times” writes about it in an editorial under the title “Play fire with North Korea”. “In any case!”— exclaims the newspaper, sharply criticizing the “emotional” approach trump. The newspaper wonders whether trump’s decision to start a war against North Korea or not? In the rhetoric trump diplomacy is not even mentioned. Doesn’t mention the possibility of negotiating with Pyongyang. “Concerns trump military decision and its refusal to seriously engage in diplomatic overtures with North Korea are reckless” — concludes “the new York times.”

Know about it and Kim Jong-UN. But what does he expect? As Professor of the Institute of international studies in Monterey Jeffrey Lewis, “Kim is hoping that we will be shocked by his nuclear strike and nothing in return will not take”. Lewis called Hawaii, San Diego and Washington “desired objectives” Kim. But the main idea is new York and the trump tower. “As Kim Jong-UN, you should know that you and your family at risk of death. So you strive to get ahead of the tramp, killing him and his family,” says Lewis.

The magazine “Nasil inquirer”, the publisher whose closest buddy trump, draws the following picture of the fight and Kim’s nuclear trump: “if Kim is going to strike with nuclear missiles, the United States will cause a counter-attack eight minutes from the underground bunkers of Alaska”.

The employee “the global security Programme” Laura Grego writes that “the American interceptor missiles bleed deadly missiles Kim in 620 miles above the earth.” After this retaliation, US will be wearing most likely tactical in nature. Lewis writes: “We’ll call China and tell him that he has two choices: either we inflict on North Korea blow all our nuclear forces, or you (Chinese— MS) will intervene and change the nature of the North Korean regime”.

When the nuclear buttons are sitting in those crazies like trump and Kim “beloved city” that is our entire planet, sleep will not.

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