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Friday, April 13, 2018

The nuclear doctrine of the United States: in the war of Russia and America will burn Europe

In the U.S. promulgated a new doctrine of nuclear strategy the development of American nuclear forces, which implies a thorough modernization of the nuclear triad of the country. According to the statement of the MFA of Russia, this doctrine, developed at the request of the President of trump, has an obvious anti-Russian orientation and spins the spiral race of nuclear weapons.

photo: AP

I would like to remind you that Donald trump from the very beginning of his presidential career systematically approached the topic of nuclear weapons. While some of our politicians, sincerely rejoicing in his victory in the elections, raised their glasses with champagne for the future of American-Russian friendship, trump already probed “atomic” theme, expressing seemed at that time strange thoughts about removing Russia from sanctions in exchange for its nuclear disarmament.

Many then tried to justify these proposals political inexperience, inexperience in international Affairs. Maybe so. However, trump still resisted the temptation to drastically change in this question the strategy of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who believed the purpose of U.S. nuclear policy achievement without any core world, and in January 2017 ordered to develop a new nuclear doctrine of the United States instead of the one that was approved in 2010.

And now, when the Pentagon presented this new nuclear doctrine, experts say that the document has once again put the world on the brink of a nuclear confrontation and leads him to the nuclear arms race.

What does the new American doctrine?


In the document US look like a peacemaker, which “extends its commitment to deterrence against use of nuclear weapons in more than 30 States.” In the doctrine it is told: “To protect the countries – members of NATO the US has strategic nuclear forces and nuclear weapons forward deployed in Europe.”

This fact is not even hidden, although Russia has consistently said that the deployment of tactical US nuclear weapons in European countries – and it is there on military bases in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey in direct violation of the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.

In addition, the document emphasizes that nuclear weapons – the main military instrument of ensuring U.S. security, but because he requires urgent modernization. This applies to all of the nuclear triad – nuclear submarines, strategic aviation and Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Moreover, the Pentagon is ready to create samples of new low-yield nuclear bombs that can be used for application is not strategic and a tactical nuclear strike, that is, during the limited war.

And Washington does not deny that, in case of need, ready to deliver nuclear strikes, even against US will not use nuclear, but only conventional weapons. This means that even if it does not lead to world nuclear war, for any of the countries participating in this conflict that can lead to dire consequences.

What is particularly alarming number of Russian military analysts is the fact that a new American document is too vague wording. He, for example, allows for retaliatory use of nuclear weapons even if the enemy attack on the infrastructure elements of the state, command centers, communications… And not only the US but also its allies.

For comparison, the nuclear doctrine of Russia allows for a retaliatory use of nuclear weapons only in two cases. First, when we or our allies are attacked with weapons of mass destruction. And second, if an attack on us happens, let even with application of conventional weapons, but threatened the very existence of the state. Moreover, in the second embodiment, unlike the Americans, we have no allies out of the question.

It is the position of our doctrine has been perverted by the Western media. It began to be interpreted in the way that we, supposedly, are willing to use nuclear weapons to stop any escalation against us even with conventional weapons, which is an absolute lie. There is nothing like this in any official Russian document. But this journalistic fiction came in an official military document of the United States as almost the main substantiation of possibility of application by the Pentagon nuclear weapons.

That is why the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry regarding the new US nuclear doctrine, says: “We are accused of lowering the threshold of use of nuclear weapons and, in some “aggressive strategies”. However, this has nothing to do with the real state of Affairs.” It notes that “Moscow is deeply disappointed with the content of the new nuclear doctrine that the United States released February 2,” as “the document is characterised by a confrontational charge and anti-Russian orientation”.

Criticism and condemnation of the published document was also recorded in Iran and China. Unflattering spoke about it, even the foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel. He said: “the Decision of the US administration on new tactical nuclear weapons shows that the helix is a new race of nuclear armaments is already running. As in the days of the cold war, for us in Europe this is a particular threat.” In his view, needed “new initiatives for the control and disarmament”. Apparently, even with great love for the States, not all European politicians nice to know that in a military conflict of Russia and the USA with the application even if it is not strategic but only tactical nuclear weapons, their countries in the role of targets.


At the same time, the Pentagon is trying to look white and fluffy, justifying his new nuclear strategy solely as an emergency and response to aggressive actions in other countries: Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.

In particular, the U.S. claim that Tehran “continues to invest in the implementation of the largest program for the development of ballistic missiles in the middle East and maybe in the future to threaten” the use of these missiles mounted with nuclear warheads “in the case that such warheads will be created.” In American nuclear doctrine States that “the development of ever more accurate ballistic missiles gives Iran the ability to threaten US forces, their allies and partners in the region and beyond”.

In the Asia-Pacific region as the main threat Washington sees Pyongyang. “The nuclear provocations of North Korea threaten peace in the region and throughout the world, despite unanimous condemnation from the UN”, – stated in the document. According to the US, the DPRK today may have 10 to 20 nuclear warheads, most of which have a charge capacity of from 10 to 20 kilotons.

However, the main fault in their doctrine States lay still on China and Russia. February 2, the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, commenting on the document, accused Russia and China in the build-up of arsenals of nuclear weapons. “While we reduce our nuclear Arsenal, Russia and China were moving in the opposite direction,” she said.

And here I would like to clarify: at the moment between Russia and the USA the contract start-3, according to which the reduction of nuclear weapons to established the Treaty-level must be completed by February 2018. These levels are: no more than 700 deployed strategic nuclear media counted them 1550 warheads, and a total of no more than 800 deployed and not deployed launchers of ICBMs, launchers of ballistic missiles of submarines and heavy bombers equipped for nuclear weapons.

Russia is currently the number of deployed carriers to the number 700 is not even close, we just (on February 5) 527 units. Therefore it is not surprising that we have to reach a contractual limit, must increase their number, unlike the Americans, who had to destroy them.

However, you can often hear that the U.S. today nuclear warheads are smaller than that of Russia. Yeah. But it depends on how you count.

As stated by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov, “its own nuclear weapons, the U.S. stockpile, and Russia long time was destroyed.” He recalled that the US has a number of technologies “dual use”, that they now can be successfully applied to equip missiles deployed in position areas of missile defense in Poland and Romania. “On the one hand, says the MP, missiles, and on the other brought in two hours from warehouses that are located at some distance, the means of nuclear attack”.

That is why, according to Russian military experts, the banal count alone nuclear warheads and carriers is small. Here should be taken into account and a number of other aspects. In particular, that the US plans to do in areas such as global missile defense system, long-range system of high-precision weapons in a conventional non-nuclear warheads, or, say, trump intends to consider the prohibition of the deployment in space of strike weapons. And here the US position a lot of questions.


Perhaps, there is the issue that the new nuclear strategy of the United States, though politically justified, but adopted solely in the interests of the American gun lobby. Budget allocations, which are scheduled for funding under the new doctrine, trillions.

The document explicitly States that no reductions in strategic nuclear weapons, more are planned. States also refuse to reduce arsenals of tactical nuclear weapons, namely, all the agreements that were reached in the 90-ies of the last century. The fact is that the Americans returned to manufacturing and to equip its nuclear carriers of cruise missiles, sea-based nuclear cruise missiles, extend terms and upgrade a number of nuclear bombs and start working on new programs to modern warheads. In particular, the warheads of low power. And, by the way, low is now considered a power of about 20 kilotons, or roughly the Americans at the time dropped on Hiroshima.

Moreover, if informed, particularly under presidents Bush and Obama, Washington has stated that they will continue to promote the ratification of the Treaty banning nuclear tests, this time there was nothing even not stated. Declared only non-binding call to all countries to declare a moratorium on nuclear testing, and readiness of the negotiations on the start Treaty. Although there is also agreed that the prerequisites for this no.

In General, according to experts, the new nuclear doctrine of the United States is the great American illusion about the possibility of a limited nuclear war with Russia anywhere in the middle East, at least in Eastern Europe, when Uncle Sam will be able to manage the fighting from afar, hiding safely overseas.

Military analysts believe that Donald trump is introducing its new nuclear strategy in Congress was very wrong, calling it “realistic and necessary amid international threats.” In fact, a much more realistic view, those politicians who believe that limited nuclear war does not happen. Any nuclear conflict, even a limited in the beginning, to stop is almost impossible.

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