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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“The experiment of the Kremlin to reformat the regional authorities casts doubt on the success»

Recent trends in regional government since the experiment on global reformatting of the Kremlin and ending with the behavior of individual governors — we appreciated the scientists Nikita Isaev, Dmitry Ishutkin and Yuliya Verbitskaya.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The young technocrats

Commented by Nikita Isaev, politician, economist, political scientist, leader of the movement “New Russia”.

Photo: facebook.comNikita Isaev.

Quote: “So far all we are seeing around the so-called “young technocrats” is confusion, confusion and dull PR”.

The Kremlin initiated the experiment by reformatting the regional governments makes us strongly to doubt his success. So far all we are seeing around the so-called young technocrats is confusion, confusion and dull PR. The idea that the Governor’s office can take effective managers not only without experience in public service, but without management experience generally, has shown to be ineffective.

Let’s take the example of Andrei Nikitin, whose work and biography demonstrate that this is the person in power is random and far from the office.

And his team to people of the same type. First Deputy Nikitin Sergey Sorokin. As listed in his official biography he was born in 1972, but finished “Moscow Institute of entrepreneurship and law” already in 2015. And what is the Institute?

It’s not the best UNIVERSITY in the country licensed only in 2011, and doesn’t have a website. The search engine says that “the website is under construction”.

That is, Sorokin graduated from the non-state educational institution at the age of 43 years. What can I say, good start!

By strange coincidence, his patron, Andrey Nikitin, in March 2011 signed an agreement on cooperation of the company “Ruskompozit”, where he held the position of managing Director, Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), then head Vasily Yakimenko. According to this document, the company had to support the “young innovators” participating in the “zvorykinsky project” Rosmolodezh.

In March 2011 the newly created non-state institution “Moscow Institute of entrepreneurship and law” appears license.

And in may 2011 announced the establishment of the “Agency for strategic initiatives”, the heavy burden of command which took Nikitin and where he began working Sorokin.

Nikitin the education levels of his subordinates absolutely embarrassing. After all, he graduated from “State University of management” (sum), which occupies the 44th place in the ranking of universities of Moscow and 141-th among all Russian universities.

Another point associated with the young technocrats – is the manipulation of facts and figures. All the media announced that Nikitin won the gubernatorial elections with an absolute majority – about 70%. But it is a deceitful figure. In fact, the Novgorod region the number of voters is 516 167 people, and voted for Andrei Nikitin 97 405 people. That is, in September 2017 37-year-old head of the Agency for strategic initiatives Andrey Nikitin received 1/6 of all votes of the Novgorod region, which is quite funny.

Another example. Recently the press has reported that Nikitin refused the indexation of salaries of Federal civil servants by 4% and it supposedly saved millions of rubles for the budget. However, the conclusion of regional branch of party “the Apple” confirms that it is not so. According to the budget of the Novgorod region for the year 2018, the costs of the officials and staff of public institutions will amount to 1.66 billion rubles, which is 217,5 million (15%) more than planned in the budget for 2017. The cost of maintaining the Nikitin provided in the amount of 4 million, a million more than the ex-Governor Sergei Mitin. Despite the fact that in the northwestern Federal district in the Novgorod region has the lowest revenues, the salary of the Governor is higher than in the Kaliningrad region, at 1.2 million rubles, than in the Republic of Karelia – 1.3 million rubles. Elected together with Andrei Nikitin, the head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov and the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov to raise their own salaries did not.

I think we will talk more about the economy of the region next time, I want to note that in the Novgorod region recorded a “phony” budget surplus, to report to Moscow about its effectiveness.

Compared to the budget in 2017 revenues will be reduced by 2.8 billion rubles, but the costs even more — at 4.6 billion rubles. This year curtailed spending on infrastructure, social sector, support of agriculture, which will inevitably lead to increased social tension.

And the last one. The envoy in the northwestern Federal district Alexander Beglov after a visit to the region, praised the Governor of the Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin for the lobbying ability and the attraction of Federal money — saying he managed to attract in the region of nearly three billion. But exactly the same “success” last year was all the young technocrats. Each of them attracted in your region about the same amount. Without this money, they close the most painful holes, effective managers would not last in his post and year.

Here, for example, only on the development of roads this year, three subjects of the Russian Federation – Buryatia, Kamchatka Krai and Kaluga oblast will receive 2.7 billion roubles.

Configuration of power

Says Dmitri Evsutin, the political scientist, the publicist, the head of the analytical group “Center”.

January is not only rich in events in the regions, but also found some disturbing signals, which can be defined as nascent gubernatorial “Fronde” against the Center.

Of course, some opposition to the Kremlin in the regions has always existed.

Now, for example, the recent memory of the replica ex-Governor Tolokonsky in Krasnoyarsk region in October last year about the personnel policy of Moscow “… any political strategy – it must, in my opinion, to focus on long-term outcome. It is impossible to sacrifice for the sake of tactics.”

The commander of the “infantry of Putin” Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov has long been built in Chechnya mono-ethnic Republic with all the attributes of an independent state.

Quite freely until recently felt the heads of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Udmurtia, and what is really going on in Chukotka or in Tyva, one line is known.

But back to our sheep. In mid-January in the centre flew the first signals.

Speaking on 16 January in Moscow at the Commission of the Federation Council on economic policy on the execution by regions of the powers transferred from the Federal level, the Governor of the Tambov region Alexander Nikitin said that the centre should allocate to regions more funds for the fulfillment of social obligations. Nikitin spoke about the lack of financing in part the purchase of expensive medicines, housing the orphans and the growing tariffs for insurance contributions to the mandatory medical insurance Fund. According to the Governor, the amount of subsidies should be determined on the basis of the actual needs of the regions.

In the same spirit, at the Gaidar forum spoke head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. He explicitly asked the Federal government not to intervene in the financial policy of Russian regions: “My request to five years don’t touch anything. I understand how many income we earn. You decide: movable and immovable property is our income. Why do you make these decisions? Or any income tax? Why would you be without us any benefits?»

Minnikhanov also expressed distrust created in the last two years, the “vertical of power”. He, like any simple man, wonders how in manual mode you can run a country like Russia: “Trust. What are you afraid of? If the head of the subject is not suitable for these tasks, change it, show distrust. But from Moscow it is possible such a huge country to manage? You have regional heads, they need to trust.”

In line with dissatisfaction with the policies of the center spoke and Parliament of Yakutia, the site of the state Assembly which the article appeared (then deleted) under the heading “It’s time to turn to the Northern territories”.

The essence of the material in which many fair words about the development of the Northern territories, is a remarkable sentence: “the North brings to the Federal budget, 1.7 times more money than it receives from it in the form of grants. Russia lives at the expense of the North, although many do not realize it”.

The hint may be less transparent than Minnikhanov and Nikitin, but it does not throw off from accounts.

In General, the Kremlin’s pressure on the Governor’s Cabinet is doing its job.

At the same time surprised the public and the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov simply and humanly spoke against the exclusion of the students who shot a video for the song Satisfaction: “I Think the layoff for sure will not add to them of patriotism and education.” According to the head of the region, the students should be punished, “commensurate action.”

And he, unlike the Federal air transport Agency, which has promised to pay future pilots showed amazing not only for the official of such level of restraint and understanding of the situation, but also determination, not the usual governors in conversation with Moscow.

Not less strongly expressed Minister of education and science of North Ossetia Irina Asimov, denoting his position on the study of the Ossetian language in schools of the Republic. “Optional Ossetian language will never – said Azimov. Is a subject required for the study. The vast majority, 99%, chose the study of the Ossetian language as their mother. And among them there are including children not of Ossetian nationality.”

Irina modestly, that live in the Republic and 40% other nationalities, among them Russian more than twenty percent.

All these signals subtly implying that domestic policy should not be like a single celled organism, because this system cannot evolve, and therefore to cope with the constantly emerging challenges. Center actually carries out a policy of destruction of the governors as the political elite of the region, giving them the role of mere cogs in the system.

After the former General and current head of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasilyev, finish dozer Ironing Republic, located in the fragile balance between national and clan interests, it will be clear how Moscow will continue to build relations with the regions. And if Dagestan will bow to the center, next after those of the national republics, like Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, where half the population consists of Russians.

But whatever it was, this year, the regional architecture is almost finished, and the Kremlin will proceed with the configuration of the municipal fields in Russia. For the most corrupt institution in the country oddly enough most are associated with the municipalities, that is with the sale of the popularly elected mayors of the earth, regional and Republican centres and the transformation of our cities into ugly monstrosities incompatible with life. And it echoes with two distinct lines.

First – it appeared out of nowhere structures that promote urbanism. As they say, behind this promotion is the reformer of our provincial architecture, Sergei Kiriyenko. The second is to create structures in the presidential Administration, responsible for transformation in municipalities, created specifically for Nikolai Tsukanov.

What we are now seeing in confirmation of these words? Well, first, mayors of capitals of subjects of the Russian Federation rapidly lose their independence and become totally controlled by the governors. A large part of the regional centers goes to dvuhtonnoy system of municipal administration is the head plus the city Manager.

Secondly, the decision to strip mayors and political heavyweights. In the detention center are two significant regional figures, the former head of Nizhny Novgorod Sorokin and the mayor of Makhachkala Musayev.

Demonstrative criminal cases against the mayors haven’t even scored a turnover, but the precedent, which was demonstrated by Vladimir Vasiliev in Dagestan – conduct a sweeping revision of the state of Affairs in Makhachkala, in the Republic, suggests that we have time.

In the municipalities there is a signal from the top: problems with housing, public transport, haphazard development without proper infrastructure – is the result of theft and corruption on the ground, and if the newly elected heads are not subjected to audit, the status of municipal services, they will not have options for later excuses.

With suitcases on the way out

Says Julia Verbitskaya, a political analyst, journalist, expert of the analytical group “West”.

Quote: “The impression that some governors deliberately hide or distort the true state of Affairs, thinking that this could go on forever”.

Undoubtedly one of the most problematic and awareness of closed regions in Chukotka. Information about what is happening there, stingy, and government of Governor Roman Kopin does not do anything in order to properly illuminate the situation in the region. And she, despite the triumphant government, far from ideal. The impression that some governors deliberately hide or distort the true state of Affairs, thinking that this could go on forever. But it is not. And even a cursory review of the performance of the region makes one wonder about the efficiency of its management.

Let’s take a few numbers that are in the public domain:

– the number of regional bureaucracy in relation to the population here is the highest in the country;

– industry growth in 2017 occurred in 68 regions, but Chukotka is an outsider;

– expenditure on General education per student is the lowest in Russia: from 124,4 thousand rubles in Moscow to a minimum (23.9 per thousand) in Chukotka;

the County on one of the last places in the rating of RA Expert investment risk of Russian regions in 2017

– on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation Chukotka, having inexhaustible natural resources, is listed as the region with the low tax potential;

– when Governor Roman Kopin Autonomous district debt increased from 4.1 billion to 11.3 billion rubles;

in the rating of subjects of Federation on the national debt from Chukotka, with a population of 50 thousand people, the national debt is many times higher than some of the North Caucasian republics, the Jewish Autonomous region and Tuva, and comparable with debt regions such as Kurgan and Orel region.

– according to rating Agency Standard & Poor’s today Chukotka is one of the highest debt ratios among Russian regions – it accounts for 144 % of the income. It turns out, the amount of debt for each inhabitant of Chukotka is 266.9 m thousands of rubles.

While in Chukotka vast reserves of base and precious metals. Deposits of coal – more than 4 billion tons. Potential copper deposits – almost 32 million tons of gold – more than 2 thousand tons.

Last week experts from the Center for the development of regional policy has prepared the first ranking of the potential regions of DFO. Chukotka, closing most of the ratings, and traditionally is in last place.

Analytical center for the Government of the Russian Federation “Procurement 360°” has published the rating of the regional procurement for the first half of 2017. Chukotka was again in the bottom of the rankings.

Regions were assessed according to five criteria: competitiveness, economy, efficiency planning, conflict and suspicion of procurement.

What happens? Chukotka is the richest region. On the gross regional product – in the first five regions of Russia. The population that does not help, but the Kopin in 2016 has occupied 15-e a place among the governors of the Russian Federation on income. According to an article published in “Kommersant Vlast” in June 2017, the wife of Roman Kopin Kopin Elena is in the top ten of the richest of the Governor’s wives. Well, maybe, when he wants!

Governor Roman Kopin has 10 years by region, but about some specific breakthroughs or achievements in his work nothing is heard. In the recent “Rating of influence of heads of subjects of Federation” the head of Chukotka Roman Kopin is a 63-th row of the 85 possible.

A number of experts are inclined to think that Kopin is one of the first candidates on a departure from the Governor’s pool after the presidential election.

Recently, Kopin held a press conference for regional journalists, where he told that the Chukotka opens up new opportunities for investors, and noted significant achievements of the region East economic forum (WEF).

Who and why would invest in the region and how the WEF is associated with the real sector of the economy, it is not clear, but apparently in the third term of governorship of Kopin this secret will be revealed.

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