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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sources: Boris Titov tried to persuade businessmen to return to Russia on the cocktail

Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in Russia and the candidate in presidents from the Party of growth Boris Titov has made probably the most extravagant pre-election move in the current campaign. At least, he is by far eclipsed by the odious antics Sobchak and populist statements Grudinina. Titov has proposed to return home entrepreneurs who are hiding from Russian justice in London. 10 of them, as he claims, even agreed.

Boris Titov in London. Photo: a frame from the video

3 Feb Boris Titov met in London to leave the country by businessmen. The event was held at the Russian culture centre “Pushkin house”. It lasted an hour and a half and shared, according to sources “MK”, into two parts. The first official and the second cocktail. Offer to contribute to the return to the homeland Titov made businessmen in the second part. At what stage “cocktail of events” several people said Titov consent is unknown.

Was entertaining, however, and the first official part of the event. As told “MK” persons in her present, Boris Titov talked a lot about activity on a post of the Ombudsman, campaigned for the Party of growth, but not for himself as a presidential candidate. In his opinion, only Putin can adequately cope with the role of the head of the country. To the question “from the audience” about why he put forward his candidacy for the elections, Titov said that in order to promote their programs and attract additional attention. A bit missing with the target audience, the Ombudsman began to tell me that if Putin’s position is shaken, Russia awaits Maidan and the Ukrainian scenario will come to power “rabble” and “the country will be ruined”.

List of names of those who under the proposed Titov repatriation decided to return home transferred, according to the Ombudsman, to President Vladimir Putin. According to Titov, the criminal case against the businessmen may be revised. However, from the destination list have not yet reached — in the Kremlin reported that the letter Titova learned from the media, but according to the press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskova, if such notice is received, information will be passed to the relevant departments.

At the meeting were the representatives of the business migrants, as the founder of “Euroset” Evgeny Chichvarkin (it is the informal part after the speech about Putin decided not to stay), co-founder of the company Mr. Doors Maxim Valetsky, the former owner of Bank “the trust” Ilya Yurov, co-owner of holding “Martha” George Trefilov, the former Vice-President “Rosneft” Anatoly Loktionov, the former Manager of YUKOS EP Ramil Burganov, co-owner of London restaurants Global Craftsmen Group Roman Zelman, an associate of Alexei Navalny Vladimir Ashurkov and businessman Alexey Shmatko. The names of some of them are present in the list sent to Putin. Representatives of the Titov mentioned only three names — it’s Loktionov, Trefilov and Shmatko.

In addition, according to various sources, the list includes the former head of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin, the ex-President of the NGO “Cosmos” Andrei Chernyakov, the founder of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev, the ex-General Director of “VimpelCom” Mikhail Slobodin, the former owner Incredibale and STB Bank, German Gorbuntsov.

As explained in the press service of Boris Titov, the meaning of the initiative is to primarily remind the Russian investigators about the long-neglected Affairs of entrepreneurs. “They left Russia, not to get in jail, then against them filed a case, then stopped it and declared the accused wanted,’ says the Ombudsman. — While these stories can last for years, even Interpol has long been abolished in respect of their claims, but things in Russia never closed due to careless investigators.” In more complex cases, Titov hopes for cooperation from the Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee of Russia.

According to the analyst Abbas Gallyamov, the Ombudsman tries to show that there is a third force, independent from the government and from Pro-Western Russian opposition, able to lead a dialogue with the West, which now has an obvious query. However, according to experts, in order to stay on the agenda, Titov is necessary to generate a stream of similar news.

Whether he will cope with this task and how many businessmen cocktails will be able to persuade to return home is unclear. In this case, Titov risk is the fact that a criminal businessmen that from Russia did not leave, beg the question, why isn’t he helping in the first place, and will not impute to him such selectivity.

However, he does not see these risks and moves according to plan. In six foreign countries, including the UK, have opened points to receive requests from entrepreneurs who, speaking the correct language employees of his staff, “I wish to settle relations with Russia.”

Titov claims that the returned entrepreneurs bring Russia benefits, as will reimburse the damage caused to them. However, who exactly agrees to it, is unclear. For example, Chichvarkin chose to open in a London wine shop and invested in him, by his own admission, eight-digit sum. The damage is the case of smuggling, which may not come to court in Russia, much less. However, the businessman spoke personally to Titov with the request not to include it in any lists. Sergei Pugachev, who, by the way, filed a complaint against Russia to the Hague Tribunal with the claim to $ 12 billion to repair the damage is also unlikely to want. He still owes creditors in Russia 82,7 billion rubles. Recently Pugachev declared bankruptcy, and his ex-wife complains in an interview that children are forced to transfer out of private schools.

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