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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

“Skeletons in the closet” Pavel Grudinina

In the beginning was the word. And the word Grudinin. On the scale of one farm he is almost a God. Nationwide – one of the candidates for President who have much to say.

At the meetings with the journalists Pavel Grudinin quite talkative in all subjects in addition to their business. As soon as the questions relate to his business, he withdraws and leaves the question. Word for this candidate is problematic, so his responses have to recheck it. The conclusion is sad. Pavel Grudinin is not ready to give answers about your business, as we have repeatedly convinced.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Author of the photo: A. Savin.

This behavior is justified for the entrepreneur, whose ambition is around bucks a yard. A candidate for the presidency should be like “Caesar’s wife, above suspicion”. Unfortunately, Pavel is not drawn not only to Caesar, but even to his wife. Many gaps and lacunae in the entrepreneurial biography of Pavel Grudinina. And each new meeting with journalists only increases the number of gaps and issues.

At a press conference in Samara on 25 January he was asked about offshore: “you say You don’t use offshore, with 20% of your farm belongs to the Belize offshore company “, LTD Bantra” if it’s not your share, then whose is it offshore?»

The question suggests two possibilities simple answer – “my – not my offshore”.

Response Grudinina story is that “makes no sense»:

“You’ve heard about the business protection? If one of the shareholders wanted to hide behind offshore, we can’t stop it. I have 44% of the shares – I sit in front of you, and control all of the people who are in Russia. And if some of the shareholders decided to do so, well that’s his right. I can’t do anything to stop him. Because I’m one of the shareholders. No more than”.

In other words, the candidate has no idea who the shareholders of “hiding offshore”.

Ready to assume that Paul Grudinin not know what we are talking about the company BONTRO LTD. registration number 30423, registered in Belize.

Willing to admit that he has no idea that in Russia the company BONTRO LTD, established in 2003, is the founder of “the Universal financial company”, 99% of shares belongs to the company from Belize, and 1% owned Khmelnitsky Sergei Petrovich, he is the Director General.

Ready to believe that Pavel, as the naive Chukchi girl (“I’m one of the shareholders. No more than”), not even asked where the “grow legs “the Universal financial company”, which bought a 20 percent stake in ZAO “Sovkhoz imeni Lenina”.

I must admit that about offshore asked him and asked constantly.

In December 2017, the state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov happened amusing dialogue with Pavel Grudinina.

Fedorov: “overseas legal entity registered by property lines”.

Grudinin: “So you don’t know what sovkhoz Lenina is a company, which is 100 Le”.

Fedorov: “Yes, I understand, but it is now owned by foreign owners, which may belong to you, I’m not disputing that”.

Grudinin, “No.”

Fedorov: “Well, then expand its chain of ownership”.

Grudinin, “I’m the owner.”

Fedorov: “in your passport it directly? Yeah?»

Grudinin, “Yes.”

Fedorov: “Or, maybe in a foreign jurisdiction?»

Grudinin, “No.”

The Director of “farm” categorically categorically: “No.”

In January 2018 at a press conference in St. Petersburg, he also categorically:

“And if you talk about money in offshore accounts, we have any money in the offshore no. And it could not be, and can’t, because we’re quite an open company. Well, it’s just impossible.”

Well, impossible and all. Thank God, journalists are not “naive Chukchi girl” and the words of Pavel Grudinina double-check with documents. Suddenly once again the candidate is disingenuous and not telling.

To begin with, that the company “Universal Finance company” (owner of 20% of the shares) in 2014 – 2016 years did not conduct any financial activities. Which begs the obvious question: “Why Director stubbornly pretends he has no idea who any of the shareholders is hiding in offshore accounts”. To ask Pavel Nikolaevich – a waste of time. He will once again dodging the question.

Therefore, I ask the question, comrade Zyuganov: “Gennady Andreevich, what does your socialism is ZAO “Sovkhoz imeni Lenina”? And whether the experience of this “national enterprise” to spread to the whole country? If not, then why do you need Paul Grudinin?»

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