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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Scientist: to colonize Mars, Elon musk will need a genetically modified astronauts

Well-known American entrepreneur Elon Musk has repeatedly stated its plans to send humans to Mars and even expressed the hope that this will be possible by 2022. However, the American scientist Norman Kleiman of Columbia University believes that such an ambitious project would require genetically modified people who are able to resist radiation.

photo: pixabay.com

According to experts, the human body can (at least theoretically) be changed in such a way that to high radiation it will be “used” as well as to the cold water in the pool. In the same way one would customize the astronauts so that they could stand up to other space threats. The specialist referenced a number of media, suggests that in the case of the colonization of Mars, such changes will be consolidated and perfected evolutionary

The specialist is aware that the genetic modification of people sounds like something much more fantastic than, in fact, the colonization of the red planet. However, he believes that genetic engineering today is developing for this fairly quickly. However, while that evidence that such an experiment will be safe, there is no such experiments on humans are not due to their apparent ethical ambiguity.

Radiation is considered to be one of the main threats facing future explorers of Mars. Some researchers believe that one flight to a nearby planet and back, the human body can withstand, but in that time he will receive more than half maximum allowed for the entire career of astronaut radiation doses. The majority is of the opinion that even the first flight to Mars is fraught with great risk and remind us that even the participants are not so far expeditions to the moon later most people are faced with cardiovascular diseases. However, experts trying to come up with a solution to this problem, often not looking for a way to change the astronauts, and the ability to provide protection from the radiation their ship, the suits and, in fact, the Martian base.

Among other difficulties that stand in the way of the implementation of the Mars manned missions, often referred to the lack of gravity in space and the fact that during the long flight the astronauts ‘ immune system weakens, which may make them vulnerable to almost safe in the Land of bacteria.

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