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Saturday, February 24, 2018

In Egypt found the tomb with the image of pet monkeys

Tomb age of about 4 400 years, in which were buried a woman, was found by archaeologists in Egypt near Cairo. The mummy to be detected has not yet been secured, but the attention of specialists was attracted by the drawings on the walls — in particular, the image of monkeys. About his discovery, the researchers reported over the weekend.

photo: AP

The tomb was built of clay brick. Scientists suggest that it belonged to a woman named Chetpet, which was close to Pharaoh of the fifth dynasty. Drawings on the walls, according to experts, represent herself watching those or other scenes — primarily hunting and fishing.

In other images, the experts found the monkeys, holding a variety of fruits or dancing to the music. According to the researchers, during the time of the pharaohs monkeys as Pets were very common. Previously similar images were found in other tombs, although they belonged to the much later twelfth dynasty.

According to scientists, further work at the site with considerable probability will allow to detect and artifacts related to the times of Ancient Egypt. Experts also hope that the discovery of the tomb will revive interest in Egypt from tourists, in recent years, several reduced.

At the end of last year was reported to be a small tomb, discovered in the Egyptian Luxor, the age of which, according to estimates of archaeologists, is about 3 500 years ago. Six months before experts found the ruins of a previously unknown pyramid in 26 kilometers from Cairo. It is assumed that it was built in the XVIII — XVII century BC.

Recently, scientists have devoted a new study of the largest and most famous of all the Egyptian pyramids — the pyramid of Cheops, which is the only of the Seven wonders of the world, preserved to our days. Professionals receive persuasive evidence that the inside of the buildings are unknown until now “secret room”.

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