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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Humanitarian war between Ukraine and Russia

“The first Deputy head of the Special monitoring of the OSCE mission Alexander hug said that the parties in the Donbass armed and actively undermine the territory, which indicates the escalation of the conflict in the near future.” The quote is from “Ukrainian truth”, founded by Georgiy Gongadze.

photo: Alex geldings

Read these messages, and heart heavy. Even harder is when you see the results of the survey “Levada-Center” held in early January: Russians consider Ukraine one of the three main enemies of Russia, halfway between the US and the European Union. Well, hatred of Western capitalists came with the genetic memory of the Soviet era, but the fraternal Ukrainian people is the enemy?!

No, the Ukrainian people have never been there! This thesis is believed by many, after watching the documentary “the Project “Ukraine” (it was shown on one of the main Russian TV channels three years ago, but still collects on the Internet a large number of hits). So who then is the enemy — an artificially created Western Russophobia the Ukrainian state with living there… who? Bandera? (This is for the people?) Russian renegades and degenerates that drummed into his head that they were “Ukrainians”? (Early accent on “a” were considered the illiterate popular speech; now we must, once again put in place.)

I also watched the notorious movie. And it has strengthened me in the deep conviction that as long as we consider today’s international relations through the prism of history, nothing good that Russia is not promising.

If you start to consider the former enemies, who had shed the blood of Russian, will quickly lose count: the Germans, the Swedes, the French, the poles, the Japanese, the Turks, the Tartars, the Caucasian mountaineers… If you begin to find out who “historical right” belongs to one or the other ground, that very soon there will be a small patch in Central Russia… or in the Kiev area. Maybe Kiev should lay claim to the Russian land — from the current Krasnodar Krai the Vologda region, for example? Or more rights to the Russian land has Lithuania as a historical heir to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania? Or Mongolia, whose Empire under Genghis Khan and his descendants spread throughout Eurasia, from Japan sea to Novgorod? What is the Statute of limitations will apply? Where to draw the boundary in time? Two hundred years ago, the Crimea — a Russian, three hundred or five hundred years ago — Turkish to the Horde…

If we want peaceful coexistence with the surrounding world, we should not matter whether Ukraine is a “project” enemies of Russia a century ago. Even so — what does this have to us today? On the world map full of States artificially created by the great powers after the collapse of empires; many countries that until relatively recently, were someone else’s colonies, or simply were part of other States. For example, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Balkans — the fragments of the Ottoman Empire. USA was part of the British Empire before 1776, India and Pakistan prior to 1947. Iceland gained independence from Denmark in 1944. Finland from the XII to XIX century was part of Sweden, and then another hundred years — in Russia. So what? Drove! Let bygones… Because Finnish politicians are not concerned about the fact that the city of Vyborg of the Leningrad region of Russia before the Second world war was the second largest city of Finland.

The Ukrainian government, regardless of its origin, is real, acknowledged by all the countries represented in the UN and is, incidentally, the largest and most important among the States bordering Russia. What if these delights propaganda — denial of not only the state but also of the people of Ukraine? What, this nation will cease to exist under the influence of Moscow’s arguments that there is no such nation? What does the Russian government, allowing the patriots to voice their absurd “historical arguments” to a mass audience via the Federal TV channels? Why not leave historians to debate on historical themes, fenced off from these interstate disputes policy?

And linguistics too, should not be an instrument of policy. She has no other role in international relations, in addition to linguistic mediation in communication between diplomats, businessmen and other representatives of different countries. Leave to linguists the scientific debates about whether a particular language is an independent language or a dialect of another, related language. Let the linguists continue to debate whether or Azerbaijani language is a dialect of Turkish; is there a Buryat language or a variant of Mongol. Let them break the spear, discussing whether the Baltic languages (Lithuanian, Latvian) independent group of the Indo-European family of languages, or Slavic languages and nothing more. Let the linguists and not those who work in the state Duma, the Federation Council, the presidential administration and the foreign Ministry, concerned with the question of the existence or the absence in nature of the Moldovan language, which, as many believe, is not something that is drawn on a dialect of Romanian, but just is. Whatever it was, it should not have to do with political decisions.

Always it is useful to look at international experience. The relationship of ethnically close peoples — the situation is not exceptional and is not confined to the former Soviet Union. If someone believes that the Ukrainian nation was “conceived in opposition to Russia”, he with the same success can think, for example, that the Norwegian people were “invented in defiance of Denmark.” The Norwegians 500 years of living under the Danish crown, the literary language of the Kingdom was Danish, and Norwegian officialdom did not recognize — was just a village dialects in Norway (just like in the film about Ukraine). After 1814 from Union with Denmark and move to another Union with Sweden, Norwegians have increased national identity, the apogee of which was the restoration in 1905, independent of the Kingdom of Norway since 1319.

National consciousness required for the Norwegian nation in its language, and the Norwegian intelligentsia in the nineteenth century actively engaged in its development. Linguists and writers have created a Norwegian language in two forms: the “state” and “country” (for the latter were collected by village dialects). Later, these names were replaced by more politically correct terms: “book Norwegian” and “new Norwegian”. The first one is very slightly different from the Danish (except that an entirely different pronunciation), and second — more. The distinction between “new Norwegian” and Danish — approximately as between Ukrainian and Russian. The written language of the country of Norway 92% “book”, and only in 8% of cases used the “new Norwegian”. But the status of him in 1885 provided an equal — apparently to linguistic national patriots did not occur. Write on the “village” want — to “book.”

…By the way, after the restoration of independence of Norway and Russia was one of the four powers, acting as its guarantors. In 1907, together with Germany, France and great Britain, Russia signed an Agreement on the territorial integrity of Norway. Then the Russian guarantees were much stronger than those that were given to Ukraine in 1994 (Budapest Memorandum)…

In Scandinavia nobody except scholars remembers about those days long past. And even among scientists, no one doubts that the Norwegians is an independent nation with its own language. Whose “project” was or was not independent Norway a hundred or two hundred years ago, I don’t care anyone.

That is why the peoples of Scandinavia live together as brothers on harmless jokes and jokes about each other, their contradictions do not go. Among the Nordic countries did not have borders long before the accession of Denmark, then Sweden and Finland into the European Union. They recognize the formation of each other, allow their citizens to live in one country and work in another on the other side of symbolic boundaries. But with Ukraine, we live as enemies and engaged in a fruitless historical and linguistic insinuations, the purpose of which is to prove how poor ungrateful people, which is generally not found in nature.

The end result of this difference in mentality is quite material. How to write “Vedomosti” on 19 September 2017, the size of the national welfare Fund of Norway at that time exceeded $1 trillion, “putting the absolute world record sovereign wealth funds. The total size of the Russian reserve Fund and national welfare Fund on September 1, was more than ten times less — $92,4 billion.” Both Russia and Norway put money in “pods” of oil revenues. While Russian oil production more than six times higher than the Norwegian…

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