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Monday, February 19, 2018

Thousands rally in Kiev: Saakashvili called the timing of the establishment of the alternative government

Ukrainian authorities have decided “to hit the race” of the shares of Mikhail Saakashvili. On the same day, at the same hour and in the same place where the leader of the “movement new forces,” planned to hold a rally “Suitcase-station-Maldives”, decided to Express their dissatisfaction with the authorities, the owners of used vehicles with foreign plates. Owners “avtohlama” very outraged customs rates, sometimes twice the cost of the car. They gave independence to this day. However, this did not prevent supporters Miho to announce the beginning of procedure of impeachment of Poroshenko from the rostrum of the European area. By 18 February, Saakashvili promised to present an alternative government and presidential candidates

photo: social networks

The day before the ex-President of Georgia, walking along the Maidan, noted that the area on the perimeter of the cover some strange iron structures. “Everything is done in order to prevent our meeting,” said Saakashvili. By Sunday morning designs fitted yellow and blue strips of cloth, symbolizing the Ukrainian flag. And try to touch them: the attack on national symbols. Calling these ingenious constructions of “diapers Poroshenko”, the protesters decided not to run and go on the specified administration route: not on the Khreshchatyk to the Maidan, and in parallel to the Vladimir street to the European square. I must say that these “obstacles” only angered the people of Kiev. And people to the gathering place at 12 o’clock Sunday gathered quite a lot — a few thousand. Under the banners: “While the Ukrainians are fighting, the President walks in the Maldives?! Deserter Poroshenko in jail!”the crowd flowed through Vladimir.

Along with the national yellow and blue flags on the columns, fluttered the red-and-black nationalist flags, and behind Saakashvili himself proudly flew the American “standard”. It was said that in support of Miho arrived in Kiev someone from the USA. But perhaps “stars and stripes” appeared above the crowd simply as “okhrannaya gramota”. Under the cover of the March reached the European area, where, in fact, was read the programme for the overthrow. Poroshenko. “They are weak as ever. God forbid they’re gonna skate” — declared Saakashvili and then the began to tell “electoral groups”, as they will be fine without Poroshenko. Workers of the factories he promised to raise wages at times, after you remove the oligarchs. Promised finances as pensioners and students. The battalion commander semen Semenchenko, in turn, said that his fighters will take custody of the railway stations and airports not to allow the oligarchs to slip away. Right Lenin’s call- “first and foremost, bridges, Telegraph, telephone”. The other thing is that the Bolsheviks were preparing your plan in secret, not having time to recover overthrown government. And here in the square for two weeks have all been warned. More like a PR than a real threat.

And that’s what is alarming: the part of the meeting talked about “deoligarchization” clearly implying “the expropriation of the loot,” and then building “a just society”. But the part does not hide the fact that Poroshenko is not pleasing to them for a different reason: “Ukraine’s Poroshenko hands here will fulfill the Minsk agreements, “Putin’s plan”. We are trying to impose peacekeepers. It means losing the occupied territories and give them to Russia” — broadcast from the rostrum of the dissident cloud. And radicals under red and black flags greeted them.

So, the probability that Saakashvili, wanting to overthrow a dishonest oligarch Poroshenko, who robs his people pulled on their backs the power of ideological radicals, which people’s needs do not really care. They would “fight to the bitter end.” What will be the end — doesn’t matter.

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