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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The last fight of major Filippov, who was the pilot of the downed su-25

Russian su-25 (“rook”) was shot down in the Syrian province of Idlib on Saturday. The pilot, major Roman Filipov, ejected, already on the ground engaged in battle with the terrorists, but was killed. Later, the district where it happened, the Russian armed forces were struck with precision weapons — killed about 30 militants.

The su-25 attack aircraft performed a flyby so-called zone of de-escalation in Idlib province. In this territory the troops of Bashar al-Assad as opposed to “moderate” groups, including those in the Free Syrian army (FSA) supported by Turkey and outright terrorists. In General, this area is under strong Turkish influence.

The plane was shot down by a portable air defense missile system. The published video shows the launch. It is possible that it was MANPADS “Igla”. Recently Pro-Turkish militants demonstrated in the video is one of these complexes, captured in the outskirts of Afrin. However, we cannot exclude that it was “distracting” demonstration. For example, the head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov said that in Idlib “more than a thousand representatives of American instructors, and to exclude what it was provocative in order to make (to shoot down the plane – “MK”), it is impossible”. And the first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich generally believe that MANPADS available to the militants in Syria, was supplied by the Americans through third countries. It is, however, noted that the “Needle” quite officially delivered to the armed forces in more than 30 countries, including in Syria and other middle East countries. So the presence of these weapons in the hands of insurgents is not too surprising.

The pilot, after his bomber was shot down, managed to inform and ejected. He landed in an area controlled by the militants. Apparently, he wanted to capture, but the major Filipov took the fight. He shot more than half of the ammunition from your gun Stechkin. It is obvious that the forces were not equal, and the pilot was killed. May was showered with grenades — so, at least according to several experts who saw photos and videos with the body of a Russian soldier.

Due to the fact that the regiment in which the number of Roman Filipov, stationed in the Crimea, it was initially reported that the pilot had previously served in the Ukrainian army. But it’s not. Filipov from Primorye, one of the best in the Russian VKS. So, in 2013 on the all-army competition “Aviadarts” he, then still a captain, took 2nd place. By the way, the network published photo found in the victim report in which the commander seeks to view the pilot for the state award.

The location from which was made the MANPADS missile launch, our troops attacked with precision weapons. The Ministry of defence published a video of the shot and stated that, according to the radio, in the destroyed three dozen militants.

To send the same to the place of landing of a pilot duty search and rescue service was not too high there was a concentration of terrorists. On Sunday, after our blow, here conducted a sweep of the Syrian special forces.

As stated, Russia and Turkey (which, recall, are there forces in the Idlib province) take measures for the delivery of the body of the deceased pilot’s home.

Read the story: “Who and why shot down a Russian su-25 in Syria: the war continues”

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