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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In the United States recognized the vulnerability from impacts of China and Russia

Fellow, Center for a new American security Paul Sarre in an interview with RT called the weapons, the US is losing to China and Russia. He stressed that today the Armed forces are not prepared to reflect existing calls from Moscow and Beijing.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

According to analysts, China has hundreds of cruise missiles and over 1,000 ballistic missiles that can hit American bases in the Western Pacific ocean.

As for Europe, then the United States inferior to Russia, which is investing more funds in improving their own capacity for the implementation of precision strikes, long-range, says Sarre. He also called the system of Russian air defense and electronic warfare those weapons, which provide Moscow an advantage in that theatre.

The expert explained the failure of the United States what country has the necessary “strategic flexibility” on these issues, and experts are unable to predict how events will unfold.

He also noted that the U.S. Navy is not investing in the development of aircraft with long-range, which could increase the potential of an aircraft carrier. Also due to the reduction teams forward deployed in Europe and lack of effective modernization of the army the US army is now faced with the problem of providing a military presence abroad.

To meet the challenges of China and Russia Share recommends that Washington abandon the “ambitious projects” and focus on short-term, which can yield results in the near future. Such projects he named the modernisation of systems of attacking long-range development of advanced munitions,electronic combat and the possibility of submarine attacks. He also recommended purchasing more strategic bombers B-21 and aircraft-“stealth”, which will help to provide constant surveillance and strikes on radars and missile launchers.

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