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Monday, February 19, 2018

Yavlinsky at the service of Putin

Presidential elections in the Russian style: you’re both “fighting Putin” and publicly applying for a position in his ruling team. Before in such abnormal, from the point of view of formal logic, the behavior was seen only presidential Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov – the person who allegedly “competes” with GDP in the “fight” for the presidency and it continues to be listed on the official Kremlin website in the section “administration”.

photo: Artem Makeev

Now, Titov appeared political “twin brother”. During his visit to the Pskov region of eternal presidential candidate Grigory Yavlinsky stated its willingness to consider a proposal to occupy the post of chief Russian negotiator with Ukraine.

Every major politician has his own system of code words and hidden signals. In the system of code signals Yavlinsky, the phrase “willingness to seriously consider this offer if it is I will do” implies not just a willingness Grigory not respond immediately “no”. So round wording means that Yavlinsky actively wants this position, and does not play his well known game of “call me, invite, I think, will keep for some time the intrigue, and then proudly and majestically refused”. It is known also that the spiritual father of the party “Yabloko” discussed in hypothetical terms the idea of his appointment personally with Putin and that GDP this idea, at least not rejected.

I am very skeptical about the possibility of converting Grigory Yavlinsky member of Putin’s team. Who ruled England in the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I is credited with the phrase, “My dogs wear my collars!” Similarly, GDP does not tolerate the presence of subordinates “double agenda” and “dual loyalty”. The principle of the President is simple: either you work for me, or you do not hold a position in the system of power vertical. For Yavlinsky, such a principle is absolutely unacceptable. Gregory A. too independent, too proud. He holds too high an opinion of his political talents and too low on the political talents of others.

Yavlinsky organically unfit for the role of team player. For him there is no greater pleasure than to agree on something at 90%, and then to slam the door and get out of the arrangement. Yavlinsky like to resign to take a “principled political position.” Why such a slave to Putin – is not clear. I can’t imagine GDP in the role of nurses when his special representative.

Another powerful argument against the arrival of Yavlinsky in Putin’s team is the opposite of their political positions about Ukraine. In the eyes of Vladimir Putin the return of the Crimea to Russia is its own record. Grigory Alekseevich, on the contrary, publicly stated in 2014: “I must say, Yes, Crimea is not ours!” Earlier Yavlinsky made even tougher statement: “Under the guise of another, and there was the annexation of the Crimea… they (apparently, this refers to the Russian elite – “MK”), want it ( Ukraine – “MK”) was a failed state that this was the end and the appendage of Russia.”

Of course, in 2014 a lot has happened. But here is what was published on the official website Yavlinsky just a few months ago under the title “the Collapse of Putin-Lavrov”: “the law is putting Russia on a par with Iran and North Korea is a symbol. The symbol of the complete collapse of the entire foreign policy of Putin-Lavrov. Unsubstantiated ambitions, lack of understanding of the devices of the modern world and the national interests of their own country, lack of professionalism, the search for solutions to complex problems only in the past, Imperial attempts and actual aggression against weaker neighbors, the style of yard punks, endless lies and adventure – all this led our country to almost total isolation.”

Really now Yavlinsky ready to join the ranks of “yard punks”? And do “yard punks” are ready to accept him in their ranks? Something here clearly does not fit. Russia does not need a special envoy, which is on the side of Ukraine, and not on the side of their own country.

Putin has the feature. During the conversation he very carefully listens to his interlocutor, and that the impression that GDP completely agree with him – although very often it is not so. Most likely, in the course of the meeting with Putin, Yavlinsky and it was so. Grigory Alekseevich grasped encouraging, but meaningless remark of the President and built on this shaky ground is pleasant for itself a political construction.

But even if my hypothesis is true, the nomination of Yavlinsky’s own candidate for the role of samiraela Russia and Ukraine is still not worth it by far to be regarded as a political curiosity. Regardless of personal perspectives (or lack thereof) Grigory, his arguments have several rational grain.

Yavlinsky is right when he says that the successful internal development of Russia is impossible without getting rid of problems on its “outer loop”. Yavlinsky rights and that Russia needs a fresh approach to negotiations with Ukraine. We need fresh: a half-move in terms of people – with the current Russian negotiators in Kiev simply refuse to talk – and in terms of ideas. The status of Crimea is, naturally, not something open to interpretation and even debate. But the Donbass is the area on which a working compromise between Moscow and Kiev need, and theoretically possible.

This theory into practice, Putin may use any resources – including the few Russian politicians who in Kiev. Such policies not necessarily to give a formal status. But if they have something to offer their country, their ideas do not necessarily have to give up.

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