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Monday, February 19, 2018

Where to shoot a grenade launcher in Donetsk, destroyed personal Affairs, the Ministry of defence DND

In Donetsk again fired. Thursday unknown made attempt on the Ministry of defence DND. The Republic’s authorities have classified the attack as a terrorist act and immediately assumed that the attack was planned by secret services of Ukraine, who were “thrown here and saboteurs”. The former head of the security Council DND Khodakovsky was surprised that such attacks do not become statistical, taking into account the free access of residents to explosive weapons.

photo: smdnr.ru

It is reported that the attackers were aiming at the window of the room in which the Minister of defence DND Vladimir Kononov. However, the projectile hit the window of the personnel Department, with the result that the room was destroyed. Damage also got two nearby apartment buildings. According to the Deputy national Council DND Vladislav Brig, the shots were fired from a grenade launcher RPG-26, which was mounted on a homemade tripod with a remote control.

According to the Minister, of the impending attack he knew in advance and was not surprised what happened. As the correspondent Semyon Pegov, covering military actions in Donetsk on the eve of the security service of the Minister Kononov was found in an abandoned building near the office sniper maturation. “It is urgent to establish a special bars on the Windows. In this hunt, organized for me a dill, they can and building from a grenade launcher to shoot”, – quotes the words of the Minister of war reporter.

Perhaps we are talking about anti shaped-charge screen that functions as a passive protection of armored vehicles and can significantly reduce the ravages of some kind of explosive ordnance. Vladimir Kononov noted that much of the building “the case” already secured, and the facade of the building, which is located on the Cabinet of the Minister “not yet”. “Apparently, watched for a long time and decided while I still maneuver to hit to use it” he said, adding that the room was one of his subordinates, who was not injured.

According to local media, after the building of the Ministry of defense was fired, the military conducted an inspection of the area. The Deputy commander of the operational command of the self-proclaimed DND Eduard Bacurin announced that next to the grenade, which was fired, was discovered by another. “It didn’t work. It was fitted with explosives for self-destruct, which also has not worked,” he said. In addition, in one of the premises of the Ministry of defence was found a suspicious object, which can also be mined.

It will be recalled that similar incidents in the DNI is not uncommon. This attack scenario is reminiscent of another assassination attempt, which occurred on 8 February last year.. Then the room in which was the commander of the militia battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy, better known as Givi, was fired from granotomet “bumblebee”. The representative of the Ministry of defence DND called the killing Thick “continuation of the terrorist war launched against the people of Donbass”.

However, the former head of the security Council DND Alexander Khodakovsky surprised that such actions do not become statistical and mass, given the easy access of inhabitants to arms. “With such easy access to shooting and exploding things, as we do, use them to settle scores, an attempt to take anger and attempts to punish certain characters in paths are not there, and just in the course of shootouts, a trifling matter, and only a miracle that the string is still stretched and not lowered”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

However, there is another version of the events, not associated with the Ukrainian DRG. You need to understand where is the defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed DND. Near the Central street named after Artem, the court of Appeal, Ministry of justice and Ministry of taxes and fees – all three departments are in different pompous buildings. We can say that the defense Ministry is located in the courtyard of the court of Appeal…

The area of Donetsk – one of the three most secure places in the DPR. And there, in the 19-24(long before curfew!) someone install design which mounts two grenade launchers. And where is this “multiple launch rocket system”? The personnel Department of the Ministry of defence. Hot on the heels of the Minister Kononov confirmed that in the absence of victims “damaged personal Affairs”.

And now evil tongues say that the fight against the “dead souls”, when the soldiers listed in parts and receive a salary, but do not exist in the trenches and barracks, now in the army of the DPR comes with a special power. The shelling of the personnel Department of the Ministry of defence with the destruction of the personal Affairs of many here suggests that “the Ukrainian DRG” was too ubiquitous , elusive and timely.

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