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Friday, April 13, 2018

The new nuclear doctrine of the United States: expert predicted the arms race

On February 2 in the United States was scheduled to publish a new nuclear doctrine that will determine the development of American nuclear weapons in the years ahead. Even before the official promulgation of the document was known, that is to disarm the United States is not going to. On the contrary, President Donald trump has repeatedly said that the country’s military budget should be increased. But despite attempts to intimidate ordinary Americans with the threat from North Korea and Russia, in the current environment will be difficult to convince the public of the need for huge spending on upgrading of weapons of mass destruction — said interviewed by “MK” expert. However, a new arms race the world is still not save.

photo: pixabay.com

In mid-January in the hands of journalists the Huffington Post were “declassified” part yet published nuclear doctrine, which contained the notation “for official use only”. From a draft document, it became clear that U.S. nuclear power capacity and waiting for a big upgrade. It also means that in the future the United States will focus on the nuclear charges of low range. The current weapon of this kind is too deadly to make it possible to use anything like real — says the leak edition. Narrowing the range and power of warheads, the United States thus will increase their “deterrent” capability. The less potential victims, the more real the prospect of limited use of nuclear weapons in various conflicts, and therefore, the more afraid of him.

Our country in the draft report was given special attention. “Russia is no longer Soviet Union and the cold war is over. However, despite our efforts to maintain positive relations, Moscow perceives the United States and NATO as its principal adversaries and refuses to acknowledge the destabilizing role in Eurasia”, — the document says. Russia allegedly “falsely assumes” that, attacking US first, it “paralyzes” them and the conflict will end in her favor. “This strategy aims to show Russia that it has no advantages in non-nuclear, as in nuclear weapons, which would give her reason to expect success from the use of aggression,” — reads the draft.

“The latest nuclear doctrine, the United States aimed to start a new arms race — said the chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vassilyev. — Currently, America has exhausted its resources, the nuclear missile potential, which has remained since the cold war. Nuclear weapons are aging, and this creates the risk of technological accidents, failures in equipment. In short, the process of modernization itself is fine.

This program is estimated at about one trillion dollars and will last 10 years. And the current upgrade involves the creation of completely new media, which will reflect the concept of “first strike”. It also considers the potential host systems for the delivery of nuclear weapons in space. A long-term and expensive strategy of modernization of the armed forces can be regarded as the beginning of an arms race, because it actually puts the other side to take some measures.”

The expert reminded about the US plans to “switch” on microkernel charges power to “lower the threshold for their use.” “The us authorities want to convey to their citizens and to the rest of the world that today a war involving nuclear weapons is permissible and possible, and in some cases even necessary. Because otherwise the question arises: why the need for such huge expenditure, if the “cold war” to speak of. The current modernization plan is pursued in particular and the goal is to justify costs and explain why it is needed now that nuclear confrontation with Russia or China, there is virtually no”, — adds Vladimir Vasiliev.

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