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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sources: Nikita Belykh will be planted in the colony in the native of the Kirov region

Sentenced to 8 years in a strict regime colony Nikita Belykh, as assured by our source in the FPS, most likely, will serve his sentence in the same region, which for many years he “taxied” – in Kirov region.

Please do this prospect of the Nikita Yurevich? It is unlikely, given the fact that his young wife is a Muscovite, and to be closer to him, she will have to move from white stone in some remote village (all the colonies in the Kirov region is not located in the cities and in the Outback).

Interestingly, around the choice of “residence in jail,” turned the whole intrigue, and one of the potential options were considered IR in the Sverdlovsk region, where “did the time” son of Leonid Brezhnev Yuri Churbanov. And certainly there is something White would definitely not sweet.

We have analyzed the situation in the colonies, where it may be Nikita Belykh.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the Metropolitan detention center “Lefortovo” – Nikita White (after he gets discharged from the hospital “sailor’s silence”) will be from three months to six months. Usually much time is required for consideration of the appeal. The court of appeal is unlikely to change mode to strict in General, although, like whispering in judicial circles: “What the hell!”.

Read the report from the court: How was the sentencing of White: the ex-Governor listened to him with a dropper in hand

Apparently, it was regime change (while reducing the jail term) was actively discussed in the “top”. Otherwise, where there was a suggestion to send Nikita Belykh to serve his sentence in the colony No. 13 in Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region? Do it for former employees of courts and law enforcement agencies, but the ability to put officials of high rank, not connected neither with justice nor with the authorities, there is the law. “Let him go where Brezhnev’s son-in-law sat, which is the term for the bribe received!”- sounded sacramental phrase in the corridors of power.

See photo essay on the topic:

It has varied Nikita Belykh: in convicted governors

20 photos

Yuri Churbanov — the most famous prisoner of IK-13. About his guilt there are still conflicting opinions (say, his landing was revenge Andropov and all they found Churbanova during a search — a few donated carpets, which was ordered as a bribe). The local administration likes to talk about it, to give an example — I started with a locksmith and “rose” to the commandant of the industrial zone. In the colony, he spent 5 years from the appointed 12, and then released on Amnesty. As said the head of one of the specialized agencies, prisons need a new legend, so that Belykh would make “post” the Brezhnev son-in-law. However, IR-13 – overall, not a strict regime. It turns out that White there with the current verdict by no means fall (there is however the option to create at a colony site with “max”).

At my request, as a journalist and a member of the Public Council of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia, about the place of punishment of the ex-Governor replied, that neither in Sverdlovsk oblast, nor in Mordovia or to Kolyma it just will not send. Look at the place of residence, as recommended by the legislation (Penal code, article 73). She was White — not Moscow, and Kirov, and change it already in any way possible (to register for a Metropolitan address of his wife he can not physically).

– We are categorically against the Kirov region, – says Catherine White (Reifert). I live and work in Moscow, and will not be able to go to transfer programs and Dating in Kirov oblast. Nikita is very sick, in the region, it will not provide professional medical care. Well, in General there are many circumstances, which we will formally write to the petition, requiring him to leave the Moscow area or nearby — for example, in Kaluga.

It should be noted that the law allows to serve his sentence and at the location of the court. In the capital of the colonies there. In the area there is one colony of strict regime, but as we have explained, there are no available seats.

In the Kirov region is serving a sentence of more than 10 thousand people. Among the IK, there are six strict regime. Half of them have the reputation of “red zones” where the government holds authority, and not the criminals.

A curious thing: he was White when he was a Governor, local colonies are not very interested. Natsbol Michael Poulin, who was sitting in Kirov IK-17 in a time when the Director of the Federal penitentiary service, Alexander Reimer, not just telling what chaos was going on there, as there were beaten and “broken” people. To a question from journalists: “as well as the liberal Governor, why did he not stop?”answered that the top Manager of the region turns a blind eye. “One day he was approached by some of the “leaders” were asked to assist, so it was not such a mess. Even offered “humanitarian aid”. At the head of the region said that the areas he is not engaged.” However, Whites in many respects: governors have no right to interfere in the activities of the FSIN, which is under the control of all detention centers and prisons. They don’t even have the right of free passage there (only by agreement with the prison administration).

– Whites in the colony offered a job, says a source in the FSIN. – It can be used (after training) for the manufacture of furniture, gift bags and consumer goods. We have there plots for the logging, sawmill. By the way, Whites have always been interested in the forest, maybe he asked to work in this area. But if he will feel bad and the doctors forbid physical work, of any work of speech, of course, is not.


Short visits, year: common mode — 6, severe — 3.

Long goodbye, year: common mode — 4, severe — 3.

Packets and transmission, year: common mode — 6, severe — 4.

Spending, year: common mode — up to 3 minimum wages, strict — to 2 minimum wages

Watch the video on:
“Torture sentence lasted ten hours: Nikita White was given eight years»


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