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Sunday, February 18, 2018

On-site laboratory, NASA found dinosaur footprints

Near campus space flight Center name Goddard paleontologist ray Stanford has discovered the footprints of dinosaurs and mammals that live in the same era, that of ancient pangolins. The Goddard center is a large research laboratory of the U.S. space Agency NASA, which was founded in the middle of the last century.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts note that the traces discovered in the Sandstone plate, was made more than a hundred million years ago. Judging by the traces left by some mammals, it was a creature the size of the squirrel, and in the territory of what is now the center of Goddard, they stopped to sit down for a while. As for the dinosaurs, they size was comparable to the ravens and, like most modern birds, could fly. The researchers also noted that, in all likelihood, the raptors were carnivores and hunted in groups.

Experts also note that each track is at some distance from the rest — if prehistoric animals sat on the wet sand often and for a long period of time, the traces would be on each other “imposed”. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. As a joke in the American space Agency, the Goddard center was the place where the “age of the dinosaurs met the space age.”

Mammals emerged 225 years ago and co-existed 160 million years, but were forced to lead a nocturnal lifestyle. Only after the ancient reptiles died out, it was the “heyday” of mammals, although the fact that they were almost exclusively nocturnal animals, greatly influenced their evolution compared with other animals, prefer the daytime, they are not too well distinguish colours, but have good hearing and sense of smell, vibrissa in order to focus on the touch and hair to better withstand cold nights.

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