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Sunday, April 15, 2018

“Black accounts are not going anywhere”: the political consequences of the verdict to Nikita Belykh

The verdict of the former Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh to eight years of imprisonment and a fine of 48 million rubles, not subject to any legal ambiguities. What can not be said about his political sense. His vision of the events shared with us the leading expert of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– Alexey, what the sentence means White in the language of political gestures?

– It means that the Governor, if he was in the dock, no chance to make excuses. But the balance of power in the government, he is unlikely to make a difference. If we look at trapped behind bars of heads of regions – and this list is already a few people – among them only Nikita Belykh comes from the opposition. Attention to this process is primarily due to the fact that it is a public person, interesting and charismatic figure. I don’t think there can be talk about laws related to the persecution of Democrats and liberals. It’s just part of the campaign “landing” of regional leaders. Very different. As for the charges against him, hardly anyone doubts that White didn’t take the money for themselves. He once had a business in the Perm region, he is quite a wealthy man. Besides, it is absolutely not the character, so to say, roughly, steal, take bribes and spend money on their entertainment. But it’s no secret that doing a real control, it is very difficult to fit into the framework of the budget code. The person who is responsible for the area or for the regional center, there is usually a black cashier. The amount which is spent on a variety of things ranging from some prestigious projects – need to finish the temple, but no funding – and ending some short-term needs. For example, preparation for the arrival of a noble guest or something like that. Well, not in the budget to register for a “treat”! No Finance on it is nil. And going to these amounts the same way that we saw.

According to the conventional point of view such drastic measures as “landing” of the White and a number of his other colleagues, desorientiert elite, knock them off stride. People no longer understand where the red line.

– If they were disoriented, only for some time. Our elites are known for their sverhnapravlennuyu, off stride to shoot them down hard. They have adapted. And to adapt as much as possible? First, understand that it is important to have, as we say, “the roof”, a good “roof”, which if anything would help. Nikita Belykh, apparently, that there were some problems. And second: well, probably need a more sophisticated, more complex methods of forming these black banks. In this case, the method was perfectly simple. But the black accounts, of course, is not going anywhere, because it can be said that the functioning of the system. In 99 percent of cases on shadow amounts does not become known to anyone. Well, except, of course, concerned. Well, in one percent of any circumstances – whether “the roof leaked”, or something else – fails. Elite I see it not as a warning – enough, they say, we need some other way to live – namely, as a failure in the usual design that needs just a little improvement.

Read the report from the court: How was the sentencing of White: the ex-Governor listened to him with a dropper in hand

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