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Monday, February 19, 2018

As was the sentencing of White: the ex-Governor listened to him with a dropper in hand

Was the ninth hour of the sentencing, Nikita Belykh has risen again and dug her hands into the grate, it was hard to imagine what’s going on in his mind, but it seems that poor health came in the face of worries about the judge. He is so bad that to worry about something else almost no strength. Suddenly the room lights went out. “Now lights up, and the White in the cage no!”- came a voice from the hall. But he was in place, nothing criminal, just someone leaned on the switch.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Small room sounded relatives of the accused and journalists, crazed guards dogs barked at a dense crowd. “Begin,’ ordered the judge, Tatiana vasyuchenko.

She began to read the verdict at noon with a small, finished after 21 hours. Several times during this time announced the break because of poor health White, he approached the doctors did some procedures to help in the background of the aggravated diabetes. Some of the breaks when White became absolutely unbearable, had to ask several times. The voice judges sit, all participants in the process approached the condition that they, too, could use the help of doctors, but the judge still read and read a sentence, sometimes turning to a whisper.

“We need to finish the process before the end of January,” said vasyuchenko at one of the meetings and in the case of the sprint process steps rushed to the sentencing. Crossing the line 1 February, she was clearly not going to. Objectively, the sentencing could be divided into two days, but judges are obviously not included.

White was charged with two episodes of corruption – bribe reception in 200 thousand Euro from albert Urickogo and 400 thousand from Yuri Sudheimer for help in promoting their investment associated with two of the bankrupt timber processing enterprises.

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All of a sudden one of the episodes of White was acquitted. Then the bribe he allegedly gave it to the assistant shurchkov, which several witnesses were accused of drunkenness. But the term is not greatly diminished to eight years in a strict regime colony, instead of ten, which requested the Prosecutor’s office.

Press-service of the Ministry, by the way, responded quickly to this in his telegram, and issued a statement that the decision of the court of appeals.

For nine hours the judge most diligently retold the plot of the charges and re-read the testimony of witnesses. It had special meaning because most of the prosecution witnesses, the text was repeatedly changed and on the court was what they say not what expected the prosecutors. So the judge read their testimony given during the investigation.

All that White was telling in the course of the process, according to the judge, “the attempt to evade responsibility”. And the testimony of most witnesses is to evaluate critically.

Especially important points White tried to hear standing, despite the suggestions of the judge to sit down. He shifted from foot to foot, straightening the bandage from the medicine but kept quite confident.

Confidence never left him and, after final sentencing, he podbadrivaya nodded in the direction of its “support group”, who were chanting “Nikita, hold on!”when he was led from the courthouse.

However, this calmness can be a double bottom. The prisoner crossed with Whites in jail, too close to politics, told me that in fact, in his opinion, the ex-Governor was completely overwhelmed. “But he doesn’t want to realize the reality, away from her, I have not seen such confused prisoners. It seems that now someone from “above” call and this will end as a nightmare” – such was the impression he was White.

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Short review reporters gave White wife Catherine Reifert. She made no secret of his dissatisfaction with the verdict and called the measure “punitive”. Lawyers, of course, will appeal the decision.

Watch the video on:
“Torture sentence lasted ten hours: Nikita White was given eight years»


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