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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Three years for Bandera: Ukrainians in Poland have to follow a

On the night of 1 February, the Polish Senate voted for the law on the Institute of national remembrance of the Republic, which, in particular, prohibits Bandera propaganda and denial of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists. After President of Poland, Andrzej Duda will sign this law, violators will face a fine or imprisonment for up to three years.

photo: pixabay.com

The initiator of the bill became a nationalist political movement “Cookies’15”. Despite the fact that the majority of seats in the upper and lower house of Parliament belongs to the national-conservative party “law and justice”, the proposal was warmly welcomed. The President of Poland, too, the national-conservative, has spoken in support of the document, so there is no doubt that he will sign it. Especially in the first part of this document is strictly forbidden to mention the crimes the poles towards the Jewish population during the Second world war.

The head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the decision of the poles of the political decision does not change the “historical truth”. As you know, in Ukraine, the fighters of the OUN-UPA (prohibited in Russia organizations) legally recognized as fighters for independence of the country. And the fact that they fought, cutting out the civilian population of Volhynia and burning villages of Western Belarus, the Ukrainian authorities refuse to recognize. In Poland, the Volyn massacre recognized as genocide. However, this Square stubbornly believe that “insult the memory”.

Polish politicians have repeatedly called on the Ukrainian colleagues to stop the glorification of Bandera and Shukhevych. But no response to it was not. On the contrary, in the cities Square bred monuments and avenues of ambiguous figures. “Bandera you will enter,” a year ago, warned the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland, Waszczykowski. However, the Ukrainian migrant workers from the Western regions of Ukraine tried to hold the shares on the graves of soldiers of OUN-UPA in Poland. Now it will be planted.

What will the continuation of the confrontation between Ukrainian and Polish nationalists, “MK” has found out from the experts.

Ruslan BORTNIK, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management:

— Warsaw, Kiev and as playing the historical and national map. In this position of Poland is stronger, because its territory is home to more Ukrainians than poles in Ukraine. Actually was dealt a strong blow to the course of Kiev on EU membership. It became evident that Bandera to get there will not work.

Nevertheless to rebuild a year before the presidential and parliamentary elections will not succeed. If Poroshenko tries to abandon the Ukrainian nationalism, it will lose the right, his only electoral support, and political system will collapse. In this regard, the President can only try to limit nationalistic statements representatives of the ruling elite of the country. In turn, the poles will continue to increase their pressure on Ukraine in particular will require through the UN and other international organizations to prohibit the organization of Ukrainian nationalists, supporters of Stepan Bandera. The outcome of the confrontation will freeze the Polish-Ukrainian diplomatic relations.

Andrew BUZAROV, a member of the public Council under the MFA of Ukraine:

— In fact, the Ukrainian authorities will exert maximum effort at the official level does not respond to Poland’s decision and its consequences. Maybe MFA of Ukraine will deliver a note of protest, but to escalate the situation even more will not. Absolutely no one will surely bring to the severance of diplomatic relations.

With regard to the legal language of the law, they raise a number of questions. Theoretically it is possible to prosecute anyone who believes that some poles collaborated with the Nazis. But above all, fall under attack of Ukrainian politicians, experts and public figures who publicly declare the innocence of Bandera in their alleged crimes. Including Poland could achieve a ban on entry into the European Union.

It should also be noted that Ukraine itself needs to adopt a unified attitude to Bandera. The last 4 years the authorities make efforts to his glorification, however not all Ukrainians are happy. Under the Constitution there can be no ideology, including nationalist. Before I tell the poles how valuable Bandera for Ukraine, it would be worthwhile to ask the Ukrainians how they need it. This was not done, so now we have, on the one hand, worsening relations with Warsaw, and on the other, the growing discontent within the country.

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