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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Moldovan troubles with the project “Dodon”

January 20, speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian CANDU announced intentions to recover from the Moscow billions of dollars for the “occupation” of Transnistria. This is not the first anti-Russian initiative of Chisinau. The recall of the Ambassador from Moscow, the ban of broadcasting in Moldova news and analytical broadcasts from Russia, a ban on the entry of Russian journalists… Why the “Pro-Russian” President Igor Dodon cannot prevent the actions of Ministers and deputies?

He has his own problems. Opponents almost deprived him of the few still remaining powers. On 2 January the constitutional court of Moldova suspended the powers of the President at the request of MPs from the ruling coalition. Similar took place earlier in October and December 2017. Relationship Dodon with the ruling Pro-Western coalition, controlled by tycoon Vlad Plahotniuc, is deadlocked. Is there a way out?

The President Of Moldova Igor Dodon. Photo: facebook@dodon.igor

To analyze the situation in Moldova, we asked the people standing on different positions. It is the mayor (head) of Balti, the Chairman of Our party of Renato usatyi. And the political scientist, Executive Director of the Moldova branch of the “Izborsk club” Vladimir Bukarsky.

Renato USATII, the Chairman of Our party.

— Renato G., despite the fact that you elected mayor of Balti, you have been are outside Moldova. Why you had to leave the country?

— I decided to return to Moldova after 10 years of living in Moscow in order to establish a new political project. To this I got thousands of letters from people who I got in my birthday, November 4, 2013, via social networks. In early 2014, I flew to Moldova. We built our position in harsh criticism of the ruling at that time in Moldova parties. We put a lot of barriers, thereby contributing to the growth of our popularity. Within six months we became the most popular political force in the country. But three days before the election, November 28, 2014, we withdrew from the election, accusing him of financing from abroad. This was not presented any evidence that was admitted even by the Moldovan courts. In September 2014, when we were among the strongest in the country, against me filed the first criminal case on smuggling of currency. December 1, 2014, the day after the parliamentary elections, against me and my Deputy Nicholas Ciovica opened a criminal case on charges of plotting the murder of the Deputy chief of the General police Inspectorate of George Kakalaka. The evidence base was supposedly my correspondence with my assistant on the special created the fake Facebook page. The night I was able to leave the country, my Deputy was arrested, long kept in prison, as a result, the case collapsed and he was released.

The mayor of Balti, Renato usatii. Photo: facebook@RU1.md

— Who’s giving you all this trouble?

— Plahotniuc, which today is actually the host country. I first warned that preparing the theft of the billion, I opened a huge number of raids organised by Plahotniuc. I proved in collaboration with law enforcement agencies of Romania the involvement of Plahotniuc to the attempt on his former partner, “black banker” Gorbuntsov in London. Moldovan law enforcement authorities, to confuse the British and to implicate me in something that really worked plahotniuc, filed his case on this attempt. Plahotniuc was cooking and my elimination. Russia has brought about this criminal case.

— Today the President of Moldova, — Igor Dodon. But it seems that he has no power. It has no effect, can not do anything… Strange situation.

— She’s strange just for you. I Igor Dodon. Before the election, he flew to Moscow and solemnly swear, for a maximum of three months, he brings people to the streets, I come home, and we can end the regime of Plahotniuc. But I know that the last 8-10 years, Igor is a man. Today the project “the Dodon” I would call the most successful political project of Plahotniuc. Plahotniuc shouts about love for America, about the struggle against Russian tanks, and he screams about the struggle with the West. What says he, like many people in Russia. He criticizes NATO, US, euroneostat. And it’s just a show for those who are not familiar with. You say he was in a difficult situation? He was in an ideal situation. Of responsibility he is zero. He travels to summits around the world. Photographed in a Bathrobe with the inscription “President”, when coming out of the hole. But he took almost all the powers. Before he could appoint the head of intelligence, head of the security service. It ruined that. Today even the protection of Dodon is accountable to the Prime Minister. And his happy with the situation.

— I heard this version, but it is hard to believe, honestly.

— This are the facts. We had a phenomenal opportunity to create a coalition to get a constitutional majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections. According to the polls, together we have scored 70 percent. What does the Dodon? He leaves the initiative on transition to a mixed electoral system, which is necessary to preserve the power of Plahotniuc. This is when a half of deputies of the Parliament will be elected on party lists and half in single — mandate constituencies.

— Why a mixed system is best Plahotniuc?

— Because his party’s rating higher than 4% does not rise, and even if all he buys, then he will get in the elections of 6-7 per cent will go into the dustbin of history. But Igor voted for the mixed system. With the result that the socialists will be along with “Our party” is not 70 out of 101 mandates, and 30-35. Why is it political suicide?

And how much gain plahotniuc when voting on a mixed system?

— I will explain on the example of Gagauzia. There were elections for a National Assembly. It is a region where 98% voted in favor of the Eastern vector of relations with Russia. More Pro-Russian region in Moldova no. In the elections to the people’s Assembly of Gagauzia on Plahotniuc has been only one person. Having only one member of the 35, it forms a majority and his man makes the Chairman of the Gagauz Parliament! How? He bought wholesale all these “independent” MPs and created a majority. The same thing he will do in the parliamentary elections.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Moldovan opposition promises to bring the people to the streets.

— Do you think that parliamentary elections will be held again in favor of Plahotniuc?

— If people do not go out on the street. Civil society initiated a referendum for the elections to be held under the old scheme — under party lists. Against it — only Dodon and plahotniuc. By the way, you know that I asked Igor Dodon in Moscow during his last visit before the New year? He requested that Russia immediately stop the criminal prosecution of Plahotniuc.

But Plahotniuc, too, at one time had serious contacts with representatives of Russian political elite. Maybe someone is trying to establish with him a relationship?

— I know for sure that today the political elite of the Russian Federation with Plahotniuc no contacts. And all these contacts he is trying to restore the Dodon.

— Is there any way out of the impasse?

Do you remember the protests were tens of thousands of people, and there were even days when the protesters were more than 100 thousand? Joint opposition protests left and right and left. Only by combining all you can today to fight the oligarch. He is only afraid of protests. Everything else he counted a hundred moves ahead. He should publicly refuse to cooperate with Plahotniuc.

Vladimir Bukarsky. Photo: facebook@vladi.buk

Vladimir BUKARSKY, Executive Director of the Moldova branch of the “Izborsk club”.

The President in Moldova is, but it as not. He has no power, he can’t spend none your decision. Do you see some way out of this situation?

— The Moldovan society is an example of the “broken society” at the Huntington. The majority of the people has a conservative and stands for traditional values and traditionally good relations with Russia. At the same time, the vast majority of the political and economic elite are Pro-Western and configured paraminski. Today the President Igor Dodon and his support of the party of socialists — the highest rating of the Moldovan voters. Thanks to the support of the people he was elected President. But the whole system of government belongs to the Pro-Western oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, which fully controls both the parliamentary majority and the government, and the judiciary, and law enforcement agencies, and most of the media. Plahotniuc has chosen the way of integration of Moldova in the Pro-Western bloc of Eastern European countries and the maximum distancing from Russia. But in Moldova there is a more radical forces than Democrat. First of all we are talking about a former presidential candidate Maia Sandu. This is a direct protege of Washington and the Soros Foundation. There are forces, who do advocate the elimination of the Moldavian statehood and Association with Romania. And they support the impeachment of Dodona. But a group of Plahotniuc in the moment, impeachment is not, knowing that it would cause national outrage. As for the President, he prefers to act in a lawful way. He can’t afford drastic measures, such as calls to take to the streets, calling for revolution.

— How?

Because this will be a wonderful occasion for the abolition of parliamentary elections this fall. The aim of the President and of the party of socialists — to keep themselves and prepare for the upcoming elections. It is not excluded that plahotniuc, fearing the victory of the socialists, wants under some pretext to cancel or postpone the elections. Because of this President and his party act within their existing powers.

— How do you feel about the version that he actually — people Plahotniuc and they just play one game?

— If he was somehow associated with Plahotniuc, it would be advantageous to form with it an Alliance in Parliament to agree on certain rules of the game, the joint polls.

But then their relationship became apparent, and from Dodona turned away to Moscow…

— If there were such a link, given the maximum rating Plahotniuc, I don’t think that Dodon would be such a high rating. Because people are hard to fool. I believe that the President has a certain strategy in the current difficult conditions. And that the ultimate aim of its strategy is the victory of the socialists in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

— Why he supported the transition to the mixed electoral system? Because it can reduce his chances of winning.

— The situation is ambiguous. Many regions of Moldova, including Gagauzia, for many years advocated the transition to a single-member or a mixed system. Because under the old system, many regions, in particular, with a predominance of national minorities, were not even represented in Parliament. Thanks to the hybrid system they get a permanent establishment that is guaranteed quota in Parliament. Quota is available and Transnistria and, most importantly, the Moldovan Diaspora in Russia. Prior to that, she was raised in discriminatory conditions. Despite the fact that more than 500 thousand Moldovans work in Russia, they have opened a total of 6-8 sections. In my opinion, the transition to a mixed system of anything bad Moldova is not responsible.

— What would be the results of the parliamentary elections, in your opinion?

— Plahotniuc and the democratic party isn’t what it was a year ago. They abruptly shifted to a Pro-Western direction. It pushes away from the Democratic party center of Moldovan political arena. And the socialists of Dodon has all chances to pull the center to their side. The socialist party of have a very good chance of winning the parliamentary elections. All the surveys they guarantee first place. Some polls they predict more than 50% of the seats in Parliament.

— If they win, what happens next?

— In case of victory they will have free hand to implement his political program. This strategic partnership with Russia is a presidential project on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict based on the compromise plan of federalization, this guarantee of neutrality of Moldova and to cease any cooperation with NATO, it is social justice, the protection of Orthodoxy and traditional values. And the most important is the prevention of unification with Romania. This year, incidentally, marks 100 years since the previous annexation of Bessarabia by Romania. The main goal of the socialists is the preservation of the Moldavian statehood.

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