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Monday, February 19, 2018

Lyashko accused the security services of Ukraine in the betrayal, escaped Guzhva

Ukraine once again plunged into a political scandal. Editor in chief of one of the most popular online media independence “of the Country.ua” Igor Guzhva went to Austria and asked for political asylum. While the editor-in-chief with the journalists butted heads with the government in Kiev, it was like an internal affair of Ukraine, and Europeans only occasionally resembled the post-Maidan government that “it is not good to push the freedom of speech in the country.” Now, when the journalist fled to a European country from the persecution of the Ukrainian authorities, asked for asylum there on political grounds on the West will be forced to admit that there is no freedom of speech in the country “victory of democracy” no.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Oleg Lyashko. Author Oleg Mosendz.

Portal “Strenia” was launched in Ukraine in February 2016. About was announced as the independent media, which “tries as honestly and adequately assess what is happening, to describe and analyze what is happening in the country”. Under a sight of journalists of the publication were many officials and deputies of the square. It is clear that the portal began to cause irritation. But since the project does not belong to any political force in Ukraine, none of the oligarch, to act on it proved difficult. Journalists bent his line, covering such aspects that other Ukrainian media to come close to afraid. As a result, in a year against the portal began to organize provocations in June of 2017 resulted in large-scale security operation with the arrest of the chief editor Igor Guzhva in the workplace on charges of extortion. The plot was simple: the editor-in-chief allegedly demanded from the leader of the Radical party Lyashko of money not to publish some pictures of him. In fact, it was just the opposite: people Lyashko tried several times to go to the guide Internet site with the offer of money for the removal of certain published materials. However, Igor Guzhva on a compromise was not and text not removed. Then to the office of publication was raided by the security forces with a briefcase, in which “found” the money allegedly wanted to take Guzhva. The editor of “Country” was put in jail. Since the main witness for the prosecution in this case never of the Igor Guzhva did not see, it is very quickly beginning to fall apart. The journalist was released on bail. And started looking for a new reason to rein in the portal. In July 2017 the security Service of Ukraine opened a criminal case against the journalists for alleged “invasion of privacy” Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. “Strenia” published a number of papers on the Minister of internal Affairs who acquires apartments and cars. Then the SBU suddenly decided to recall the past and attracted Igor Guzhva as a witness in an old case 2014 about separatist actions of the magazine “News.Reporter” in the guide which he then entered. A favorite technique of the Ukrainian government: when you see one thing clearly fails, get a second or third on trumped up charges. Maybe what ever the person will be able to put, At least, he will always be “defendants” for the next case. So act against ex-President Yanukovych. So now apply to the ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili.

Igor Guzhva decided not to wait, when he goes to jail for anything, and decided to leave Ukraine. Especially because, according to him, it began to sound outright threats. The experience of the Elder and Pavel Sheremet shows that in the square from threats to their implementation by hand. By the way, the country he left is legal. As employees of the GPU, forgot to apply to the court for extension of his remand. His term of detention ended on 6 January. Then Guzhva and went to Austria. According to his lawyer, the Executive editor there is a real chance to obtain political refugee status. “We have collected a package of documents, proving the politically motivated selective justice against Igor, the falsification of his criminal cases and coordinated the work of security forces controlled by President Poroshenko,” — said the lawyer.

Even without these policy documents square immediately began to prove that to stay Guzhva the country is unsafe. That only is the saying of MP Mosiychuk, who was posted in social networks is remarkable for its frankness post: “And when at last these procaspase monsters will not be able to flee the country and take responsibility for their crimes??? Patience ends and it looks like history Elderberry has a chance at repeated repetition! When the State is unable to punish the collaborators and spies of this feature to take on the unknown patriots!”. That is, the MP basically called for the assassination of journalists, until they managed to escape. Threw wood on the fire and the leader of the Radical party Lyashko: “Which bird missed, boobies!”he complains. “I am confident that the escape of an enemy agent who is actually Igor Guzhva is not incompetence, and betrayal!!”- he writes. So if the Austrian migration services is not enough evidence of threats and pressure, you can add these statements Ukrainian politicians.

Meanwhile, the portal to stop their activities is not intended. From Austria Igor Guzhva issued a statement which said: “the Publication will work as usual. I continue to be editor-in-chief. We’ve already worked out the mode of remote access where I can control the process at a distance. Moreover, we have planned further development of our project, as I will report later. Last year, despite pressure from the authorities, we were able to reach a leadership position among Ukrainian online media. This year the pace will only increase. We have a very strong team and very strong motivation.”.

Thus, the Ukrainian authorities failed to achieve the main thing — to silence izdaniyu But once again managed to celebrate on the world stage for its “uncompromising stance” to suppress any kind of dissent. If Austria will give Guzhva political refugee status, it would mean that Ukraine was pursuing journalists for political reasons.

Ukrainian journalist already overreacted in social networks on the departure of editor-in-chief “Stranie”. “.Ukraine has formed an agrarian dictatorship of the Latin American type. It is the subjugation of almost all the media and continues to restrict freedom of speech and access of citizens to information about the real state of Affairs, meanwhile sucking the last juice out of a dying economy. In such circumstances, it is foolish to lament the fact that some external forces through their media here undermine the foundations of statehood. They undermine not the state and anti-state mode-parasite.” — writes on the page journalist was Cecile, a former employee of “News”..”The editor of “Country” Guzhva, I had to go to Austria and ask for political asylum because of repression by Poroshenko and his “freedom of speech”. I think for the West this is another powerful argument in 2019 to put the “cross” to “chocolate the last dictator in Europe” — says political analyst Dmitry Korneychuk .

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine has announced that it is ready to send to Austria a request for extradition Guzhva, if the result will declare him wanted. However, it is known that Austria doesn’t really like to give anyone who asks her for asylum. Ukrainian oligarch Firtash these the country was not given.

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