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Friday, February 16, 2018

Leonid Kalashnikov under the threat of persecution by Americans, millions of Russians

The Russian foreign Ministry once again warns: “the Us intelligence agencies continue the actual “hunting” for Russians worldwide. The number of such cases has reached four dozen.” Who could be the next victim? Our questions are answered by the head of the state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid KALASHNIKOV.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“Just one 2017 according to requests from Washington, abroad arrest of more than ten Russian citizens, – said the foreign Ministry. As examples of detention in Spain S. V. P. Lisova and Y. Levashova, Latvia – J. A. Martysheva in Canada – R. F. Mansurov, Greece – V. A. winnik… The overseas missions of MFA of Russia has always had and will have in trouble the Russians comprehensive consular and legal assistance, ensuring respect for their legitimate rights and interests, as well as a speedy return Home. However, given the above circumstances we strongly recommend to the Russian citizens planning trips abroad to carefully weigh all the risks, especially if there is reason to assume the existence of claims by American law enforcement. This primarily applies to visits to countries with Washington’s extradition treaties (the list of States published on the website of the U.S. Department of state)”.

– Leonid, how big, in your opinion, is the risk today?

– I think it is great. Take a person working in the field of Internet, in some IT company. Americans can easily draw as a witness – for example, against virus, against which they are now conducting an investigation, or against the proverbial “Russian hackers” and try to “rock” to get some readings. They really need today figures such as Rodchenkov or Litvinenko, and to underestimate it it is impossible. To warn people of these risks – the duty of the foreign Ministry. It is a pity, however, that they do it later. Immediately it was necessary to make such a warning as soon as the first incident happened. I, for example, if will receive the invitation 10 times consider whether to accept. I really have 3 and a half years under the sanctions, but nevertheless I drive in the European Parliament will be invited, there to PACE. So, even I, a politician, attending an international organization, I understand that, judging by the way Americans behave, not fully protected. Show some test tube and hold a Kalashnikov. But what about ordinary citizens? Go, for example, some of our programmer to have a rest to Thailand, and there Bang! “Come here, give your evidence, what you were doing, what program?»

– In General, to feel safe can neither ordinary citizens nor the representatives of political and business elite?

– Yes, unfortunately, it is.

– It is noteworthy that the warning of the foreign Ministry appeared almost immediately after the promulgation of the U.S. “the Kremlin list”. Accident?

In the list a long time know that they are in danger. And they, thank God, have any security features. And ordinary citizens – workers of the same IT-sphere, or defense companies, and millions of people while the majority have no idea what they could face on a trip abroad.

– The account goes on millions?

– The fact of the matter is. Take, for example, the defense sector – it is all under sanctions. No one can guarantee that the designer or plain engineer of the plant, which produces tanks, or is there some other weapons that we export, once abroad, will not be prosecuted on the part of Americans. Before you go, employees should think about what it could get him.

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