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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Krasnoyarsk scientists have invented a “Golden” way of dealing with cancer

Destroy malignant tumors with gold nanoparticles learned specialists from the Krasnoyarsk medical University, together with colleagues from several other scientific organizations.

photo: pixabay.com

As it became known “MK”, for detection of tumors in the body, scientists use the so-called optometry — molecules that bind to cancer cells. Optomer as a locomotive leads a gold nanoparticle and leads her to the cage.

— First, we intravenously injected the drug nanoparticles with optomerty, — told the “MK” Anna Ciccolo, head of laboratory for biomolecular and medical technologies of the University. — And then, after some time, the irradiated area, which is a tumor, a laser with a certain wavelength. The gold particles under the radiation heat up to 43 degrees, this temperature kills tumor cells that are more sensitive to heat than healthy.

To stop the choice on gold experts have chosen because it is easily heated under the influence of laser and immediately cools down when you stop the exposure. In addition, it is non-toxic and easily excreted from the body.

According to experts, the method of targeted destruction of tumors while running for the shallow and superficial formations (e.g., melanomas), the localization of which is known. Also it can be used to treat the cavity after surgical removal of the tumor that remained in the organism and invisible to the eye cancer cells had no chance for development. For more complex cases, experts are perfecting another technique, magnetic nanoparticles coated with gold. Mouse, which introduced this drug are placed in a weak magnetic field: particles, implanted tumors, sway and vibration that destroy malignant education.

By the way, the way of targeted destruction of tumors while not very common throughout the world, and Russian scientists have a chance to take the lead.

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