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Monday, February 19, 2018

Are 24 “medicine of old age»

A group of specialists representing a number of scientific organizations in great Britain and Germany, called the 24 compounds that allegedly is able to significantly slow aging and increase life expectancy.

Experts say that aging is the main cause of the appearance in humans of diseases that are not contagious. Thus the older a person gets, the more suffering from it in the first place, his brain. Therefore, biologists have carefully studied the influence of certain drugs on this on.

In the study, researchers analyzed genes in 22 different areas of the brain in people aged 20 to 106 years. As a result, they found out, the activation of some genes and the concentration of any of products of their work can provide evidence of aging. Then, experts have studied the database of various drugs and examined what of them is able to slow down aging, affecting the operation of previously discovered genes. As it turned out, these properties are 24 connections — some of them act like a natural protective reaction of the cells themselves, while others contribute to the “rejuvenation” of the body at the cellular level.

As scientists hope their findings will help to develop more effective means of extending life and slowing down the aging process. New data were submitted in the online library of preprints bioRxiv.org.

Some compounds reported in the study are considered a promising means for anti-aging for quite some time. One of them is a substance called resveratrol. In nature it is secreted by some plants as a defense reaction against parasites.In a number of experiments conducted since the beginning of the century, it was observed that it is able to extend the life of nematode worms, and even vertebrates. Add it to the food of the fish species Nothobranchius furzeri, the average life expectancy is 9 weeks, has allowed these creatures to live in one and a half times longer compared to the control group.

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