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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A severe sentence: Nikita Belykh was sentenced to 8 years in a strict regime

Presnensky district court of Moscow by the end of the day, which probably seemed Nikita Belykh eternity, made the ex-Governor of the Kirov region the sentence for a bribe in especially large size. White was sentenced to 8 years in a strict regime and a fine of 48,5 million roubles.

Earlier, the Prosecutor asked White for 10 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of 100 million rubles.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

While the process lasted over Nikita Belykh, who is accused of receiving bribes, he managed to undermine health, to marry and even to get married. In prison, according to eyewitnesses from the PMC, he is in the habit of trying to restore order. Once the youngest and “non-systemic” the Governor is now a felon and will go to a colony of strict regime. Among the governors, accused of taking bribes, White became the first convicted.

Case Nikita Belykh has developed a controversial, first delayed, and then swiftly came to an end. Special acceleration of the process happened after the judge publicly stated that she “must finish by the end of January.” This was necessary is anyone’s guess, but clearly at hand, the prosecution, which, vague and without, at the end of the process began to crumble. The judge very nearly did – the conviction of White sounded on 1 February.

Nikita Belykh was charged with three counts of receiving bribes for total amount of 600 thousand euros (part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code). Prosecutors Dyatlov Marina and Svetlana Tarasova asked to sentence him to 10 years in a penal colony, a fine of 100 million rubles and an eight-year ban on working in the state bodies. White himself denies guilt and asked the court to acquit him.

Let me remind you that White took in a Moscow restaurant while receiving bribes from German businessman Yury Sudheimer. He had already collaborated actively with the FSB. And all anything, but already in the preparation phase of a special operation to catch White red-handed made gross, according to many, watching the process of lawyers, mistakes. The money that was White as a bribe have been removed in the package with wine, however, overdo the investigators treated with a special compound not only banknotes, but also the bottle itself. Her Sudheimer in the package with hidden notes handed to White and, according to the defense, he has only touched the bottle.

This error operatives could cost the prosecution’s main evidence, but it chose not to fix. Another controversial point is the role of Sudheimer. He, along with other entrepreneur – albert Larixin – the key prosecution witnesses against White. However, the affidavit Sudheimer told that he came to the FSB to communicate with the Whites, who extorted bribes. It was later revealed that he initially wanted to testify against Urickogo, the second witness and his former business partner, and then later in the development were the former Governor. But the fact that in his testimony Sudheimer provided inaccurate information, the court did not consider.

As for the second key witness, albert Urickogo, he came to court under police escort as accused of swindle in the large size. The reason for the charges – his work as business Manager of Novovyatskiy ski works “Forestry”, which in fact – changed its name to the infamous “Kirovles”. First, Larici testified against White, but at the end of the process something unexpected happened. Through counsel, he handed the letter in which reported that was “not candid enough” and asks the court to interrogate him again to tell “how it really was”. In addition, he noted that he had been pressured “certain circumstances”, which somehow disappeared. It would seem that the information is extremely important and Urickogo need to re-interview, but the judge in the appropriate application, the protection is failing.

There is another witness to him as the third whale was relied upon by the prosecution. We are talking about Sergey Marchkova, who oversaw the government of the Kirov oblast Department of agriculture. According to investigators it was through him that the Whites gave the head of the companies NLK and “Forestry” of the first request for a bribe in 200 thousand euros.

After that, albert Lariccia brought the package of money to the NLC Director Vladimir Sysoliatin, which handed the package Marchkova, and that, in turn, the Governor.

It should be noted that shurchkov several times changed his testimony during the investigation, at the first interrogation he has told that knows nothing about the transfer of money, and then suddenly changed his mind and wrote a letter to the Investigation Committee. “Ready to tell me about the known circumstances of transfer of a bribe in the package I White from Urickogo”, – stated in it. A criminal case of intermediation in the transfer of bribes in relation to Marchkova and Sysolyatina was immediately closed “in connection with active repentance” — the protection of White attributes this to the fact that both give the necessary corollary evidence. As it was now difficult to understand, but among other things, by many accounts, shurchkov suffering from alcoholism and not just endured from the workplace. It is obvious that the fulcrum of the prosecution somewhat shaky.

White himself suggests that shurchkov took the money in his pocket and was covered by the name of the Governor and alleged assistance in making the investment for these enterprises. By the time Novovyatskiy ski works “Forestry” was in terrible condition. Larici extorted from them all possible resources and sold to the unsuspecting, this German businessman Yuri Sudheimer. Well, not sold, and pay their debts. Such a “gift” from a former friend and partner Sudheimer did not expect. He was losing money and its main purpose was, apparently, not to make money on the Vyatka timber, how to receive compensation from Urickogo. Here lies the reason for his cooperation with the FSB, a criminal case against Russian businessman has filed and Sudheimer would like to pass it to the victims.

Earlier, he was sure that the impact on Urickogo is White and there is a suspicion that for the return uplyvshy after the former owner of the inherited enterprises, million, Sudheimer and wanted to bribe the ex-Governor.

But according to the prosecution all the way. Bribe White “for conspiracy” to justify the cost of the campaign, and Sudheimer could not refuse, because the Governor threatened that the investment for NLK and “Forestry” is excluded from the number priority. Another 200 thousand Euro Sudheimer, he claims, gave the Whites in his office.

But the defense of the ex-Governor has provided information that according to the permits office, Sudheimer in the day, the government did not appear. But this time the judge did not consider and no additional inspections of the words of Sudheimer assigned was not.

The weakest place in the defense of White – those “election expenses”. Because the money for it and the “improvement area” he took from various businessmen. 50 thousand Euro was given the same Sudheimer, White does not deny it. But, according to the ex-Governor is not a bribe. Here I want to say that this will understand the trial, but the prosecution has already sounded. White guilt exclude, of course, no one can, but the sudden completion of the process to understand what happened does not, many failings of the investigation put into question, and the question of Larixin wishing to change his testimony, is left open.

“We should not ignore one important point, apparently the condition of the White poor (he had aggravated diabetes and a number of sessions due to the impossibility of movement of the defendant, even was taken into the prison — approx. ed.), so it has a chance to qualify for Amnesty after the presidential election. Who knows, maybe the process was accelerated by these considerations, and not likely to put him behind bars,” suggested in conversation with me, lawyer Alexei Martynov.

The Pro version of rush for his sake is exotic, but about the possibility of Amnesty for White many say. In any case he will not have the right to hold public posts and will have to compensate the monetary loss region, but at least he will be able to get a normal treatment, given the aggravated diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Before sentencing Nikita Belykh in court became ill — the judge declared a special break.

One episode he was charged – charges of bribery Lariccia in 2012 – the court Nikita Belykh was acquitted. He received a term of 8 years, of course, will be appealed in a higher court, but this verdict is unprecedented tough.

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