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Thursday, February 15, 2018

USA boast a future war with Russia: expert who predicted the defeat

Wednesday, January 31, Deputy Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General, USAF Paul Selva described their vision of war with China and Russia. It consists in the fact that with China, they say, they will fight in the air and in the sea, and with us will be dealt with land troops with air support. Will there be enough U.S. forces to fight on two fronts, said the “MK” expert.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

I must say that the euphoria about the technical advantages of the United States in all respects, the General test, though in the style of American films, believes that at the last moment, they still win the evil Russian in tandem with the equally evil Chinese. And then another, and the DPRK on the change. However, the feasibility of whether such plans “MK” has decided to ask the expert.

The military expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland» Alex Leonov believes that the generation of such scenarios is more of a reason to justify the huge investments in the defence budget, than a real war plans.

– When trump came to power, there was a very complicated procedure for appointing the head of the Pentagon – in order to Mattis took office, Congress had to pass a separate law (James Mattis resigned as head of the U.S. Central command in 2013, and according to the legislation, the Minister of defense of the United States, before his appointment, must within 7 years not to take any positions in the army – “MK”). The first thing the new head of Department has reviewed the state of the armed forces of the United States, from which came in silent horror. After that, the media started is hard to leak articles about the catastrophic condition in the armored troops, aircraft and virtually all military branches. Against this background, Trump managed to push through a budget that has grown quite well relative to the budget adopted by Barack Obama. And to justify such growth, had, figuratively speaking, to “add fuel to the fire” and to find new opponents. Therefore, regularly the list of enemies of the United States updated. Here and Russia and China and Iran — said the expert.

According to Leonova, the report of the Floor of the Jungle is clearly stated that Russia and China will fight separately from each other, but in practice work very differently, and it is unlikely that this conflict in the course of conventional weapons go.

– When talking about the conflict of such superpowers as Russia, USA and China, you need to understand that in case of aggression against itself, they will use the entire Arsenal of weapons, – explained the expert, – in the first place, nuclear. Of course, while the number of arms of the United States individually superior to China and Russia, but if Russia and China will act in tandem, here the advantage is clearly on our side.

Not spared the expert attention and the mention of hypersonic weapons and the active modernization of our countries.

And Russia and China have advanced far in their development. The Chinese, for example, made about 10 runs of their experimental Intercontinental ballistic head. And they were quite successful — he said – the Americans immediately began to complain that she allegedly designed to destroy aircraft carriers. But the Chinese denied this, noting that the purpose of Intercontinental missiles – critical infrastructure. Even China has a unique anti-satellite weapons, with which they shot down a satellite at an altitude of almost 800 km. While such weapons are only in China. Actively develop our neighbors and military transport aircraft. Now there is a unique project of construction of the wig to transport troops. The main advantage of this mode of transport is the fact that he has no means of struggle. Missiles “air-air” can’t hit him because he flies too low over the water, for anti-ship missile it is too fast, and the anti-submarine designed to destroy objects under water, and he flies over it. We also develop nuclear capability. From the last – we test the RS-28 “Sarmat” and quite successfully. Re and we, and China is in full swing. Improved anti-ship missiles, modernizarea fleet. We are actively conducting exercises with China and India. By the way, joint operations is strongly influenced by the desire of America to shake the arms from the borders of North Korea.

Nothing except the desire to play to the audience and create infopovod media expert, such statements of U.S. General calls.

– It turns out that this is a work to the public. All such operations like the silence, and if given publicity, then years later — explained Alexey Levkov, and once again, to share in this case Russia and China is wrong. Many experts say the creation of a military-political Union of our countries. And if that happens, NATO will lose all settings.

Help “MK” RS-28 “Sarmat” — an Intercontinental ballistic missile. Starting weight — 110 tons, range of flight — more than 11 thousand kilometers. It is possible to load from 10 to 15 warheads with individual guidance.

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