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Friday, February 16, 2018

The political struggle in Uzbekistan Mirziyoev cast “gray cardinal”

The day after the 80th birthday of the former President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, the acting head of the Republic Shavkat Mirziyoev cast “gray cardinal” of Rustam Inoyatova. Permanent the head of national security Service (NSS) 73-year-old Colonel-General retired. Operation on his removal from power took more than a year, but now Uzbekistan to start the full transformation into a modern democratic state, said the “MK” Uzbek political scientist Rafael Sattarov.

Photo: prezident.uz/uz.

– After the death of Karimov seemed an obvious decision to create a political system in which Shavkat Mirziyoev would be President-a statesman, Rustam Azimov — liberal Prime Minister, and the head of SNB Rustam Inoyatov — their arbitrator, responsible for the stability of the structure. But Mirziyoev felt that the balance weights are not necessary. And in this he was helped by oligarch Alisher Usmanov. He became a great equalizer, which provided Mirzaeva reliable rear.

The situation in the former Soviet Union is that the real arbiter in the region is Russia. In this regard, Mirziyoev and Inoyatov looked at Usmanov as the moderator of their relationship. While Usmanov, who was in relationship with Mirzaeva, gave the President his plane for overseas travel. This was due to the fact that the President, according to various sources, don’t put too much faith in “air force one”, because he knew that it listens to the NSC.

– Why Mirziyoev was not satisfied with his prescribed role?

– Mirziyoyev accumulated resentment and hatred of the security forces, because when Karimov even though he was the second person in the state, in fact, this place was occupied by Inoyatov. Like any other official of Uzbekistan, allowing even the smallest mistake, Mirziyoev could easily end up in jail. Let me remind you, the biggest haters of Stalin was in his entourage, it is the same situation.

Not coincidentally Mirziyoev began his presidency with what has developed the law on police, which did not exist in Uzbekistan, and zamglavy service of the presidential guard made his son-in-law. In parallel, the country began strengthening the National guard. She was almost invisible structure, which is subordinate to the interior Ministry and the defense Ministry. However, he actively criticized the security forces for their spinelessness, bribery and so on.

But the General battle Mirziyoev gave in December 2017. For four hours he talked about the problems in the country and publicly confronted the NSC. In particular, he stated that the authority unreasonably extended, it does not their business, interfere in the work of the foreign Ministry, universities and so on. After that, at least from the Universities NSS officials withdrew and not going to return. Before they took there positions of advisers of rectors, in fact, being their bosses.

Now the head of the SNB was the former attorney General Ihtiyor Abdullayev, who is personally loyal to Mirzieev. In the future we will see increasing role of the National guard, while the SNB will do what was always do: counterintelligence, the fight against Islamist underground, and so on. To this end, the activities of the NSS will be governed by special legislation that will develop in the near future. In addition, the Ministry of internal Affairs intercepts from the national security Council complete control over the conduct of Affairs on economic crimes.

– On the eve of retirement Inoyatova was arrested the former head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Uzbekistan Adham Adambaev, who headed the Department from December 2013 to January 2017. Mirziyoev accused him of treason and working for foreigners. Can this be regarded as the forerunner of the displacement “grey cardinal”?

– Certainly. Adambaev came from the NSC. Become a Minister, he decided to support Inoyatova and paid for it. When Mirziyoev spoke about the betrayal, he meant exactly that. Actually, this example Adambaeva the President showed the head of the SNB, what would become of him if he tries to resist resignation. It is reported that after Inoyatov went to the office? ex-interior Minister was released from custody.

Mirziyoev is unlikely to bring against Inoyatova a criminal case. He peacefully vacated his office, and to use the accumulated for the ruling elite dirt he does not need. RR Inoyatov 73 years, he was never a public politician and he’s got diabetes, to cling to power he had no time and no reason. Surely he knew the inevitability of retirement and used the remaining time in order to protect their money, including take them to the West and the Arab world. Perhaps? he will face public condemnation, but otherwise he will die in peace.

– Like retirement Inoyatova will affect the future development of Uzbekistan?

– In the country eliminated all the obstacles that could sabotage the President’s policy. In particular, earlier SNB crushed offer Mirziyoyev on liberalization of the visa regime in Uzbekistan. Now the reforms will go faster and easier.

Uzbeks used to be afraid to even mention the NSC. Security services are located in all government, educational and cultural institutions, and so on. More than 20 years from their filing in the society spread the conviction that any action against the government come from some evil forces in the West. On the slightest suspicion of lack of loyalty would be thrown in jail. The country has developed a system of universal denunciation…

However, not as a scientist but as a citizen of Uzbekistan, I’m afraid Mirziyoev may repeat the fate of the USSR leader Nikita Khrushchev. At the beginning of his reign, he was threatened almost to eliminate the Lubyanka, and then began secretly to strengthen the role of the KGB.

But if this does not happen, Mirziyoev will leave behind if not a democratic Uzbekistan, the state, are confidently moving in this direction?

– Yes, it will be more open and dynamic country without complexes, without the infantile population affected by the atmosphere of mutual suspicion. Many will be grateful to him for that.

Think Mirziyoev is selfish, which in the political system Karimov could not Express their thoughts the way he wanted to. He and other representatives of the authorities, was forced to be duplicitous. He looked at Russia and Kazakhstan, and spoke with their officials and understand that they are not as notorious as his entourage. Dorval to power, he decided to change this system to remain in history as the reformist President.

– As it missed the SNB agents?

– He surprised everyone. I had the opportunity to participate in events involving the then Governor of Mirziyoyev, and I can say that listening to his curses is not a task for the faint of heart. He has always been the glory and the provincial impulsive fool, who in the system could wipe out the life of any slave. Today he appears to us in the way let and impulsive, but reformer. Impossible to believe that a few years ago all he did was foul. Everyone was in shock when I heard his first speech as President. Mirziyoev was a real orator.

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