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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The astrologer spoke about the unexpected dangers of “bloody” lunar Eclipse

31 January – a special day for astronomy fans. The inhabitants of the Earth, which weather permitting, will be able to see three phenomenon — the supermoon, blood moon Eclipse, and the “blue moon” (second full moon in a month). “Bloody” the current Eclipse is due to the crimson color of the moon: the sun’s rays (of the orange-red part of the spectrum) are scattered in the Earth’s atmosphere and partially reach the natural satellite of our planet. “Blue” moon called because the phenomenon of the full moon we can observe the second time in a month. From the point of view of astronomy this proximity of the moon will cause a powerful ebbs and flows: the ships will be able to come closer to the shore.

photo: pixabay.com

On the other hand, the phenomenon of the supermoon, and even “bloody” has always been considered a harbinger of troubles, accidents and other negative phenomena. To learn exactly how the current phenomenon will affect political and social spheres of the life of the earth, “MK” asked the astrologer.

– What happened 30 and going on 31 January, is a very rare phenomena, – says head of the school of scientific astrology Sergey Bezborodny, because coincided three indicators: full moon, lunar Eclipse and the perigee moon, when the Moon most closely approaches the Earth. Such coincidences happen rarely. The supermoon lunar Eclipse says that firstly we have observed weather anomaly — an abundance of rain plus a very sharp temperature drop in the coming days.

Secondly, many people can worsen diseases of the internal organs, because the effects of the moon affect the blood system. This is officially the medical science learned in the early 90s.

Third, the sharp attacks of people against the other, the escalation of political confrontation. We can say that the next round of Russian-American mutual claims and the appearance of the list, coinciding with the supermoon and the Eclipse will have a more lasting impact and great response.

Fourth, people have a higher nervousness and General recommendation for the coming days to control myself, to control your emotions and try not to freak out. Waves from this phenomenon will go until Monday.

– A positive effect of SUPERLINE happen?

– No, alas, there’s only negative effects. Though positive it may be noted that to Muscovites has carried. This lunar Eclipse was supposed to be astronomically apparently in Moscow. And ancient astrology, we know that if the Eclipse is visible, Ugo negative impact usilivaetsia. And we have due to climate anomalies, the Muscovites did not see the moon.

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