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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

“Sweet poison filling”: why is trump in his message bypassed Russia

The President Of The United States! — sounded declared the Sergeant at arms and the house of representatives, the United States entered Donald trump. In the house gathered the whole Congress, including senators. Separate sitting members of the Supreme court and a United group of chiefs of staff of the United States. They didn’t up and applauded. One law for all, and armed forces protect all Americans — both Democrats and Republicans. Judges and generals as outside politics. The first is separated from the topic of the day, the black robes, the second uniforms, hung with dozens of orders like Brezhnev.

photo: AP

One of the stands stood the first lady Melania. All dressed in white. (Remember the famous phrase, ending with the words “…And I’m all in white!”) Melania contrary to tradition, arrived at the Capitol, not with her husband and separately.

Americans have always been interested in the dress the first lady in the presidential speeches on the situation of the country and whom they invited to his box.

Melania appeared, greeted with loud applause, tanned after a furlough in palm beach at Mar-a-Lago. She smiled broadly, showing off a dress from Dior.

Prior to that, Melanie was hiding from the public, angered by the fact that as assure, her husband paid porn star Stormy Daniels 130000 dollars to shut her mouth before the election of 2016. (It is curious that with Stormy, that is “storm” trump seemed to be confused during pregnancy Melania.)

Dress the first lady stood out sharply against the background of black suits and blue ties, entered the Congress building. Creamy almost white dress Melania Dior could mean or repeat the colors of the democratic-suffragettes and Hillary Clinton or contrast with the southern sun.

In the bed of Melania sat invited her technician, who saved 12 children from a fire, electrician Aviator from the coast guard learned from the ruins of hurricane dozens of people.

While Melania traveled to the Capitol, trump saddled your car nicknamed “the Beast” (The Beast). Pulling the paper with the text of the speech, the President-showman, soldier it to reporters.

Before trump is already in front of Congress paraded the members of his Cabinet headed by Secretary of state Tillerson, famous for the fact that he had called their President “stupid” (“moron”).

On the podium sat the speaker of the house Ryan and Vice President Pence, who concurrently is considered to be the President of the Senate. District and Pence got up after each phrase uttered by trump, making it clear to Congress when and how to applaud. Because the majority in Congress belongs to the Republicans, the applause was tumultuous and cheers. (Remember how that happened in the years of Soviet power?) But rose is not all. Democrats in opposition to his Majesty’s trump’s preferred sitting position. The same was done and the Negro legislators. The TV was showing good faith was engaged in “stints”.

As expected, the President proclaimed the state of the Union “strong” (“strong”), that is strong and healthy. And not just for Democrats.

Sometimes the whole room applauded when trump praised the “defenders of the Motherland”, i.e. the armed forces, and vigilantes.

Trump said, glancing at the teleprompter, not taking his eyes off him. The text of his speech ran in the bowels of the White house and therefore did not contain any surprises. The President, realizing that his first statement on the situation of the country may be the last not indulged the audience with impromptu.

Everything went like clockwork. Lean. To the tune of “Beautiful Marquise”. Remember? After the speech, trump one commenter si-EN-EN called it “the sweet poison filling”, which was very close to the truth. The President said at a time when his personal popularity is falling, and the country’s economic situation improves. The economy grew 2.3% in 2017. The unemployment rate dropped to 4% — the lowest in 17 years. Nevertheless, the popularity of trump hovers around 38%. While Obama’s popularity, a year later his presidency was 50%.

On Tuesday, President trump called on Democrats to join him in order to adjust their immigration policy and to rebuild the infrastructure of the United States. Speaking at the joint session of the U.S. Congress, trump boasted of the “extraordinary success” of his administration during the first years of his presidency. He was involved in nationalist rhetoric and political attacks in a confrontational tone. “Today I urge all of us to leave behind the controversies that divide us and find a common field for our unity,” said trump to the applause of the Republican part of Congress. Democratic leaders who criticize trump and his message of sat stone-faced.

“Now is a new moment in America, said trump. — There has never been a good time to begin to realize our American dream.” The message of the trump did not contain any new political aspects. Trump has again listed his “greatest achievements”. He said he will try to unite Republicans and Democrats, that they have carried out infrastructure plan “giving us reliable, fast and modern infrastructure economy.” This plan will cost $1.5 trillion. He said that “a compromise on immigration provides that no one gets everything he wants, but our country needs to get the reforms she needs… for over 30 years, Washington tried unsuccessfully to solve this problem — continued trump. But this Congress should, in the end, to accomplish what we have planned”.

The President bypassed the most controversial elements of his presidency. For example, he said nothing about the investigation into the Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016. It is also silent about the fact that he and his aides obstructed the administration of an equitable solution to the problem.

The President said nothing about the campaign “Me Too” (“I, too”), the women’s movement against sexual harassment. He left aside his threats to strike at the cities of America that did not want to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities. With respect to various trade agreements, trump touched on them only tangentially.

The Democrats who were in the room of the house of representatives, refrained from applause met the boast of the President ridicule. And when he spoke of the need to limit the number of members of the families of immigrants who arrive in the United States, the Democrats openly tried to sushicat it.

Trump tried to build my speech on the subject of American heroes — ordinary citizens who met extraordinary challenges fate. Among them was mentioned a policeman who adopted the child born of women who consumed heroin. Mentioned the trump and about the army Sergeant who received a Bronze star during the fighting in Syria. Among the heroes who made the most part of the speech trump, was a refugee from North Korea, which helped other refugees and fellow countrymen. By the way, this refugee from North Korea waving crutches on which he now moves. Of course, Congress met this waving crutches hero, with thunderous applause.

Shortly before the joint session of Congress, trump was absorbed in the revelations which led to the fact that he began to think about removal from a post of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. On the eve of the joint session of the tramp “he gave the ass” Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew maccabe. He accused the latter of political corruption. At the same time, the Republican party is trying to break a secret Memorandum that allegedly demonstrates that the FBI and the Department of justice trying to mess with the President all sorts of allegations allegations of ties with Moscow trump. Democrats argue that the Memorandum is distorting the real facts and undermines the conduct of valid investigations. When trump finished his speech, he, passing through the ranks of Republican congressmen, whispered one of them that he supported 100 percent the publication of this Memorandum.

Typically, presidents use the annual message about position in the country to promote the success of his administration. But trump went even further. He announced that he implemented the largest tax cuts in history of the United States.

Trump’s speech lasted 80 minutes. This is the longest message about the situation of the country, except for the message, made in 2000 by President bill Clinton. Trump, again, behaved like ariadnna the thread for the teleprompter, making a pause only during the ovation, which suited him the Republican contingent.

In trump’s voice sounded metal when he turned to immigration issues. He tried to link this issue to crimes and terrorism against the United States, presenting to Congress the parents of two young girls who were killed by immigrants, “illegal” infiltrators in the United States. He urged Congress “to finally close the deadly loopholes that help immigrants and other criminal gang organizations to commit crimes in our country.”

Note that the President talked about immigrants in that moment, when the Congress debated the fate of the so-called “Dreamers”, that is, young people who were brought to the United States illegally as children. Trump expressed strained of sympathy for these “Dreamers”. He reiterated his proposal to provide these “Dreamers” legal status, including the one that leads to us citizenship. However, as the conditions he put forward the need to increase law enforcement forces, and building the notorious wall on the southern border with Mexico. “The time has come to reform the old immigration rules, — told the trump. — It is necessary to drag our immigration system in the XXI century”.

A few weeks ago, the President of trump shocked the lawmakers when being in the oval office of the White house, he used vulgar language in African States. Trying to make amends for this attack, trump said: “Today I extend an open hand, together with members of both parties — Democrats and Republicans — to protect our citizens regardless of their origin, colour and religion.” However, trump’s proposals on this subject were met with curses Democrats. Democrats tried to make it clear to Trump their positions. They invited “Dreamers” who have lost protective ability against deportation, and members of their families who were either deported or arrested trompowsky administration to share space in the house of representatives at the very moment when the President touched on this subject.

Returning to the theme of the return of the U.S. infrastructure, trump said that the country needs to remember its “building the legacy”.

Trump did not hesitate to advertise its achievements far beyond the borders of the United States. He proclaimed the “strength and power” of the us armed forces who achieved the victory over the “Islamic state” (ISIS is a terrorist group banned in Russia and other countries). He said that the us armed forces wiped off the face of the earth ISIS and the threat it poses. “A year later, I am proud to inform you that the coalition has freed almost 100 percent of the territory from ISIS, from these murderers in Iraq and Syria.”

Speaking at a joint session of Congress, trump also raised the issue of moving the American Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He also stated that he had signed a decree on the preservation and operation of the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

The American public with great interest was expected, what message would send trump North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu. The message was quite hard. Trump demanded Kim to abandon its program of deploying nuclear weapons.

And about Russia, the U.S. President mentioned only once, calling it, along with China “opponent” that challenge the interests of the economy and values of the United States.

These are briefly the main provisions of the speech trump.

The answer the President gave Joseph Kennedy III, who spoke on behalf of the Democratic party with his message on the situation of the country. He stated that the administration threatens to trump the highest American ideals.

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