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Friday, February 16, 2018

Party making the “Kremlin report” announced his controversial substitution

Before sending to Congress the “Kremlin report” was at the last moment changed at the request of a senior official. About this in his blog said economist and expert of the Atlantic Council Anders Aslund, who advised U.S. authorities in compiling the list.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“At the last minute, some senior people- no one knows who it was — threw all the work of experts and personally wrote in the report the names of senior officials from the presidential administration and the government of Russia, as well as 96 Russian billionaires on the Forbes list,” writes åslund in the article on the website of the Atlantic Council, quoted by The Bell.

The economist argues that by their actions this person actually ridiculed the government experts six months working on the report.

The purpose of “the Kremlin list”, according to oslund, was called businessmen and oligarchs who earned his fortune illegally with the help of the Kremlin. The list, more reminiscent of the list of richest people according to Forbes magazine, Aslund called “Kremlin phonebook”.

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According to the economist, the authors of the law CAATSA, which contained the requirement to prepare a report, hoping to split the Russian elite and thus to encourage prominent citizens of mills to move to the West. A similar intention åslund explained by the fact that many wealthy Russian businessmen have citizenship of other countries.

Instead, the U.S. Treasury has included in the list a large number of people against whom no evidence of something broken, no. In the end, the main beneficiary of the “Kremlin report” åslund called Vladimir Putin.

Anders åslund, the Swedish economist and diplomat. An expert on the economy of Eastern Europe, especially Russia and Ukraine. In the 1990-ies worked as an adviser to the Yeltsin government. Recently was a consultant to the US authorities.

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