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Monday, February 19, 2018

Olympians at the meeting with Putin quarreled faded form

Came to Vladimir Putin Olympians easily fit in a small lounge Moscow residence Novo-Ogaryovo. Their number, and most importantly – the mood is strikingly different from similar meetings held before the 2014 Olympics. Recall that the IOC made to the games in Pyeongchang of 169 athletes will compete for medals in 13 sports – a little our team has not been since 2006.

photo: kremlin.ru

More or less hearty felt the players affected by the sanctions, the IOC is smaller than representatives of other sports: the President they came in branded jackets with the words “Red car. New assembly.” According to players, this slogan does not promise anything good enemies: team set to win, despite the fact that its membership excluded players in the NHL. The players laughed loudly, hungrily devoured the sandwiches and gave comments to the Western media, which other athletes, in particular, snowboarder Alena Zavarzina, talking essentially refused. “The Olympics was like a birthday party, which they call who you want,” he told reporters forward Ilya Kovalchuk.

The rest of the Olympians, frankly, was not happy. The matter, as it turned out, not only in the absence of national symbols. For the male half of the team our Olympic Committee somehow ordered costumes pale mouse color. “The quality is certainly good, but gray is not the best way affects mood. And he was with us and so out of line,” complained the athletes.

Many fear that will not be able to perform numerous prohibitions that the IOC put on the “athletes without a country”. They cannot say that they are from the Russian team, sing the national anthem and even outside of the competition to wear clothes with the symbols. And God forbid raise a flag thrown by fans!

“We need to go without violations to the end of the Games to at least close out, as people!”- repeated like a mantra snowboarders. The situation, according to the General opinion of athletes, humiliating Russian sport. First, the Olympics on set of some obscure factors did not allow many clean athletes. Second, you will compete with those who continue to use dope for medical reasons.

From the President of the team, of course, waiting for the words of support. But he all of a sudden started very different.

– It’s hard when sports mix with politics. It’s harder when you in the country,

in this case, in Russia, there is such a complex social assessment, sound very different, sometimes completely opposite opinions on this. This creates very difficult conditions for achieving results. Sorry we were not able to stay out of this! – in turn, asked Putin to Olympians.

He added that he is very worried about those Russian athletes who failed to go to Games. “We will do everything to support them”, – the President promised. Russian officials and competent bodies, according to him, will continue the dialogue with the IOC to determine the causes of non-admission.

“For many athletes, it was stated that they are not allowed on the totality of the circumstances, not related to doping. Then the question arises: what are we fighting for – doping or is it something else? We would like to know what,” said the GDP. He expressed hope that, despite the sponsorship, advertising and other things, international sports organization will not turn into “departments of public institutions of individual countries, no matter how strong they may seem”. Otherwise, the famous slogan of the founder of the Olympic movement Pierre de Coubertin: “O sport, you are peace!”- will lose all meaning.

The Olympians felt nestroganymi. And really: who even publicly asked forgiveness of the President? The voice of Alyona Zavarzina had treacherously trembled when she came up to thank Vladimir Putin for support. “This is my third Olympic games. It was always only positive emotions, but now I’m nothing like experience”, she confessed.

Luger Roman Reelow promised the President not to yield to possible provocation: “the Whole world will look at us and wait until we make a mistake. We need to get together and prove that we are the best sports team in the world.”

In the end, the hockey player Pavel Datsyuk has made Putin the captain’s gift – a sweater leader labeled “Russia in my heart” and branded the presidential number 11 on the back. In a t-shirt it’s hard not to win. Moreover, GDP is also ahead of the Game, while not as complex as that of the Olympians.

From the height of his life experience, the head of state gave the two athletes of the Council. First, focus on the result and more than anything not to think. And secondly, to give our best, remembering the companions are not admitted to the Olympics. “We have a song “For myself and for the guy. Here this always think,” he admonished Vladimir Putin.

Later at a meeting with members of the government, it was decided to organize alternative competitions for the Russian athletes, who are unable to travel to Pyeongchang, and award the winners as well as Olympic Champions with cash prizes and cars.

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