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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Muscovite weighing 216 kilograms operated robot

Complex surgery for women weighing 216 kg were conducted by specialists of the Moscow regional research Institute of obstetrics and gynecology. Before that, the patient had long pestered other public and private clinics, her case was so difficult for him, no one wanted to take.

Photo: MONIA.

As it became known “MK”, 40-year-old woman was admitted to the Institute immediately after the holidays. She had a large tumor of the ovary and uterus: the tumour, although benign, is rapidly growing in the bladder. Muscovite was close to despair: she repeatedly heard from different doctors failures.

Doctors, assessing the risks, did not dare to operate because of the huge body mass of the patient and used the fact that a direct threat to her health from time to time was not. Surgical procedures for these patients is always associated with a huge risk: even the use of anesthesia is extremely dangerous because of the inability to ensure normal ventilation of the lungs. Despite this, to waste time and wait until the patient lost weight, was impossible.

After a brief hesitation to work with a difficult client gave “good” Professor NII Alexander Popov — head of the Department of endoscopic surgery. The procedure was to be carried out with the use of special anesthetic and respiratory equipment (without it the patient could suffocate under its own weight) and the installation of the robotic DaVinci. For three hours the robot under the control of Professor millimeter by millimeter extensive separated the tumor from the organs.

— Overweight is influenced by the quality of the operation — told the “MK” priests. — This patient had severe disease of the female and of the adjacent organs. The quality of performance of surgical intervention I assess as “excellent” — no complications.

Thanks to the skilful work of surgeons on the fourth day after operation the patient was discharged home.

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