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Monday, February 19, 2018

Experts have told how the “blue blood” supermoon impact on the Earth

Astronomers Vladimir Surdin and Zhanna Rodionova told unique today’s full moon and lunar Eclipse, and also explained to residents what regions and representatives of some professions “bloody blue supermoon” will be most noticeable.

photo: pixabay.com

As previously reported, the next night earthlings will witness three astronomical events never coincided in the last century and a half. We are talking about the supermoon — a full moon coinciding with the maximal rapprochement of the Earth and moon, “bloody” lunar Eclipse and the phenomenon called “blue moon”. The latter just means that the future will be the second full moon in a calendar month (the first occurred on 2 January), that is, will not affect either the appearance of the moon, or anything else, so the experts have focused on two other phenomena.

As recalled by the Senior researcher of the State astronomical Institute named after P. K. Sternberg Vladimir Surdin, a supermoon is a full moon during which the Moon is closer to Earth than usual. To the naked eye the difference between a supermoon and an ordinary full moon to see more difficult than is generally assumed, however, for professionals it is quite noticeable. The impact of this phenomenon on Earth, according to the expert, will be the most noticeable to the people living by the seashore or in swimming. The proximity of the moon is the cause of the powerful ebbs and flows, and the first allows you to collect marine animals in the exposed seabed, and the second allows the ships closer to shore. By the way, at the least distance from the Earth, amounting to 358 994 kilometers, the Moon was yesterday 12:55 Moscow time, however, a full moon occurs today.

The maximum phase of the lunar Eclipse, which falls on 15:51, Moscow time, can be observed in many regions of Russia, but only in the Asian part of the country, the Eclipse will be full. In Moscow and neighbouring cities, it will be private and will last about an hour. In a dark color (because of which such eclipses are called “blood” moon will be painted with 13:51 GMT. Of course, to observe all of this will be possible only under suitable weather conditions.

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