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Friday, February 16, 2018

Bozena of Rynska insulted fighting for Stalin “soplezhuev” Shevchenko and Svanidze

Russian journalist and blogger, socialite Bozena of Rynska in indecent expressions supported fight with Shevchenko Svanidze, but at the same time insulted and second opponent.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Rynska, Insecta his notoriety, he decided to earn points in the fight broadcaster and historian Nikolai Svanidze and his colleagues Maxim Shevchenko. Rynska decided to resolve the dispute between opponents and supported Svanidze. The fight happened on the background of the discussion of the action of the General Secretary of the Soviet Union of Joseph Stalin.

However, support for sleepy Rynska, who “can’t speak articulately,” since “eyes open”, has a distinctive. Socialite calls the fight “a bright holiday”. “Well, at least some of our liberal soplezhuev remembered the expression “for such give the face” and gave a face to those who long to her” asked for,” Rynska wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

Rynska also said that the law “gave a hit in the mouth the KGB” and expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude.

A fight between Svanidze and Shevchenko happened live on radio “KP”. Shevchenko, explaining the motives for the fight, said that the words of the law he took it as a personal insult.

“I never hands first not dissolve. Was a verbal discussion. I told him: “Kolya, you spit on the graves of Soviet soldiers.” He said to me, “You bastard. If you were closer, I’d slap your face”,” – said Shevchenko.

According to him, after he stood up and removed his hands behind his back, but furious Svanidze was not satisfied with that, she went closer to him and attacked. “I, on instinct, he answered. He flew into a corner. Don’t know how to fight, do not touch,” — said Shevchenko. He added that he did not beat Svanidze, and slapped him in the face.

“I am opposed to intelligent political debate brought to the massacre. But I’m not these passions fueled. I did not start to threaten and dismiss his hands. If you threaten and dismiss the hands, you have to understand that I can get an answer”, — concluded Shevchenko.

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