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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Unexpected findings from the “Kremlin report”: experts predicted the opposite effect

The American Ministry of Finance has published the so-called “Kremlin report”, which lists more than 200 representatives of the Russian government and “oligarchs”. While this list does not imply the imposition of sanctions, the emergence of such a document has caused a wide resonance in the media and political circles. “MK” asked the experts to comment on importance prepared by the United States “report.”

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the U.S. Treasury

Vladimir VASILIEV, chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies“I close the view, which announced Konstantin Kosachev (Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs – “MK”) stating that the report is made on the basis of the telephone directory. This is the most adequate assessment. The U.S. Treasury Department came to the drafting of the document rather formally. The list leaves room for broad interpretation. The publication of this report no serious problems for the Russian-American relations does not create.

Today successful as a result of the situation in the us economy, domestic political pressure on the administration to trump eased somewhat. The US President feels more confident. Recently there were reports that trump is seriously considering the possibility of dismissal Muller and closure of the special investigation Commission “interference” of Russia in the elections, because the Commission nothing for a year and not “dug”. It also reflects that the American President feels more confident, he may be more now free hand, he have to reckon. And from this point of view, this list may reflect the idea of trump as to improve Russian-American relations.

Yes, the administration is forced to comply with the provisions of the law (“the Law on counteraction to enemies of America by sanctions,” dated August 2, 2017 – “MK”), which, by the way, at the time, the President did not agree. But trump rejected the new sanctions. The reaction of the administration to trump the implementation of this law is semi-formal, a great zeal to implement its provisions, not shown. With the strengthening of trump’s newly emerging confidence is evident in the possibility for such laws to look the other way”.

Alexei MUKHIN, General Director of the Center for political information“Adoption of this report will not affect Russian-American relations because they are not. Report “wonderful”, surface and exposes the Congress of the United States of America in a very negative light. Many countries, especially China, now realize that such a list may appear in relation to the establishment of any state. USA coffin your world dominance and reputation. Probably don’t need to disturb them to do it. Regarding the sanctions that can be applied by the administration of Donald trump, or by the Ministry of Finance, it is clear that the response from the Russian side will necessarily be, but to make any aggressive moves in advance it would be extremely unwise. On this and calculated to produce destructive moral impression.

Sanctions, of course, long-term, and sanctions the practice of States confirms this. But this document, which we now saw very well the basis of a claim against the United States in connection with the direct, legally recorded, gross interference in the internal Affairs of a sovereign state. This is not a mythical Russian hackers, evidence of participation in some of the American domestic political processes there. This is a clear, clear document, which is evidence of attempts to influence the presidential campaign in Russia. Here must be given a very precise legal answer to the UN”.

Sergey KISLITSYN, researcher, Institute of world economy and international relations RAS: “Kremlin report” was adopted in the first place despite the existence of the “Law on combating the enemies of America through sanctions.” According to this law, such a document was to be prepared. The question, incidentally, is largely technical, this is evidenced by the report itself, because no sanction is not introduced, simply mentioned person. The report does not carry, in fact, nothing new. I would not say that it requires some response, because no limits again is not entered. Another issue is that for the Russian elite and establishment is, of course, unpleasant moment.

And if the U.S. personal sanctions were intended to somehow negatively affect the environment of the Russian President to it may be moved away from the head of state, here, referring to almost the entire establishment, they rather unite it. It can be assumed that the U.S., not the Russian President perceived as a source of problems.

Overall, the effect of foreign policy for the us administration may be the reverse. I do not exclude that this report will have a consolidating effect on the Russian elite.

As for the “not imposed” new sanctions, it is not associated with the position of the European Union, which traditionally opposes tightening the sanctions regime. The US is not much focus on its European partners. The Americans believe that Europe should in any case maintain.

The lack of a new package of sanctions is due to the fact that the trump is not so radical sentiment towards Russia as the Congress. In addition, if the “Kremlin report” meant sanctions in the literal sense, it would be an absolute escalation of bilateral relations.”

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