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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ukraine has got its own cruise missile: should Russia be afraid of

In Ukraine, declare about testing a new cruise missile. According to the Ukrainian politicians, we know that this “miracle development” able to hit ground and naval targets. Russian experts doubt the ability of Kiev to debug the serial production of such a high-tech product as the defense of the country is in a sad state. If, however, the missile is launched, it will pose a threat to Russia.

photo: zn.ua

The news that Ukraine held “the first successful test of a cruise missile ground-based”, announced Secretary of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov.

A rocket created at the enterprise “Luch” in cooperation with public and private companies. Now before the Ukrainian craftsmen tasked with “the development of cruise missiles, not only land, but sea and air-launched”.

Russian experts believe that we are talking about the so-called “project Neptune” anti – ship missile system, which is developed at the enterprise “Luch”. It is known that it is created on the basis of the technical solutions of the Soviet anti-ship missiles Kh-35, the development of the early 80-ies.

This Ukrainian project is really designed for use from mobile ground launchers, and for installation on ships and aircraft such as the su-27.

As told “MK”, scientific editor of magazine “Export of arms” Michael Barabanov, we are talking about the first test anti-ship missile (ASM) developed in Ukraine for the qualification of “Neptune” in the head role of the state enterprise “State Kyiv design Bureau “Luch”.

“Judging by the video and photographs, this test was purely throwing to the testing of solid-fuel boosters and the missile leaves the launch container. Turbojet engine, as you can see, was not included, and the missile itself is most likely throwing the layout, not equipped with a control system,” – said the expert.

According to him, PKR “Neptune” is largely a virtual copy of the Russian anti-ship missiles 3М24 complex Uran (Kh-35, or rather it is an upgraded version of KH-35U) design a head-stock company “Corporation Tactical missile armament”. In the Soviet period the serial production of these missiles was planned to organize at the Kharkiv aviation plant, so that in Ukraine there is, apparently, a full set of production-technical documentation for the missile, which makes possible its reproduction.

“The main problem when creating ASM “Neptune” in Ukraine is the creation of its management, and is primarily active radar homing (ARLHS), competence in Ukrainian enterprises do not exist almost completely,” – said the expert.

Also the complex “Neptun” is claimed as a means of destruction of ground targets, which, apparently, was to be equipped with a system of inertial-satellite correction with the use of GLONASS and GPS. Maximum firing range missiles “Neptune” claimed 280 km, making it a layout analogous to the KH-35U.

Speaking about the threat of a Russian naval group in the Black sea, Drums suggested that the creation of “Neptune” in reality is the question involved, and, most likely, way before the series is about 10 years.

However, in the opinion of the member of the public Council under the Ministry of defense of Russia Ruslan Pukhov, the whole Ukrainian missile projects (“Neptune” and “Thunder-2”) posed a very serious threat to the national security of the Russian Federation.

“There is a threat of deployment in a few years a very serious and relatively high-precision weapons systems of an enemy state and its proximity to the important and densely populated regions of Russia, including Moscow, – the expert believes. – From a military point of view, this threat will require enhanced air and missile defense of Moscow and the whole Central region, but in any case these systems will complicate the military-political situation and Ukraine’s leadership will become a powerful political propaganda argument about the alleged “intimidation of Moscow”. For good, for Russia, it would be desirable generally to prevent the deployment or the creation in Ukraine of such systems.”

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