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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tomorrow earthlings will see the bloody Eclipse blue SUPERLINE

On 31 January the inhabitants of the Earth that weather conditions will allow to look at the moon, will be able to observe several unusual events: supermoon, “bloody” lunar Eclipse and the so-called “blue moon”, that is, the second full moon in a month. Each of these astronomical events is rare enough, but one day they fell out in March of 1866.

photo: pixabay.com

A supermoon is the full moon during which the Moon passes perigee, i.e. the point at which our planet and its natural satellite are to each other as close as possible. At the least distance from the Earth, amounting to 358 994 kilometers, the Moon will be today at 12:55 Moscow time, and the full moon and total Eclipse of the moon will occur tomorrow, January 31, from 14:28 to 18:11.

“Blood” soon, a total lunar Eclipse can be termed as at this time the moon will acquire a crimson hue. This is due to the fact that the Sun’s rays are tangential to earth’s surface, scattered in the Earth’s atmosphere and due to this scattering partially reach the moon. Because the earth’s atmosphere is most transparent for the rays of red-orange part of the spectrum, these rays to a greater extent reach the surface of the moon during the Eclipse

The fact that the nearest full moon is also called the “blue” on the observed color of the satellite will not be affected. It refers to the second full moon in one month — in this case, it has happened on 2 January. Since two full moons in an average share of 29.5 days, this happens about once in three years. This phenomenon got its name thanks to the English idiom “Once in a Blue Moon”/ Literally it can be translated as “once in a blue moon”, meaning it is more reminiscent of the expression “after rain on Thursday”, that is means extremely unlikely or rare event.

The next time the supermoon, “blue” and “blood” moon will coincide relatively soon — December 31, 2028.

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