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Monday, February 19, 2018

Specialists understand what makes a woman think about sex

A group of researchers representing the University of Liege in Belgium and the Saar University in Germany, found out how a molecule called kisspeptin affects the attraction of women to the opposite sex. Learn about this hormone, scientists were allowed experiments with laboratory animals.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts have discovered that kisspeptin from female mice produced more active when they smell the pheromones of males. When this hormone is involved in increasing attention to the opposite sex, and in the regulation of sexual behavior, which allowed the specialists to better understand how these reactions are connected.

The study was published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

Earlier, a group of researchers from the University of Tokyo, found other biological mechanisms that cause female mice to prepare for sex and procreation, if they smell of male pheromones. Experts found areas of the brain of mice that respond to pheromones of males ESP1 and forcing the female body on a physiological and psychological level, to prepare for pairing. The males have the same pheromones, on the contrary, cause aggression. According to experts, their findings may be at least partly true for other mammals, including humans. However, most scientists tend to believe that pheromones play any significant role in the regulation of human sexual behavior.

The reasons why some women can interest to have sex to lose last September analyzed psychologists, representing British universities at Glasgow and Southampton. Some reasons were common also among men — for example, sexual coercion and depression — however, others were specific to women: the presence of young children bad memories about first sexual experience and, of course, pregnancy.

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