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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Putin has promised to clean up even a “dear and close” if it prevents

Vladimir Putin meets with the Trustees not lifted the veil on the program with which the main applicant will go to the polls, however, allowed to know what he thinks about the most pressing issues on the agenda. The President said that the Kremlin will not “reset” relations with the United States in connection with the publication of “the Kremlin list” and advised Russian athletes to implement all the recommendations of the IOC. “But endless surrender is impossible. It should be understood by all,” warned the head of state.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In anticipation of the meeting, the Trustees of the main candidate, as we now call Vladimir Putin, of course, discussed the “Kremlin report” of the U.S. Treasury. Most agreed that in this situation (and in the list was the entire government headed by Dmitry Medvedev and 43 members of the Kremlin administration) it is better not to stand out from the crowd and be there in the same place. About that GDP was announced by the entrepreneur working in the field of information technology and artificial intelligence Igor Ashmanov.

— On the sidelines today, I heard: how to get on the list? What is the recipe? Only you are not there. Probably not, hesitated, he said.

— I listen, — imitating the Caucasian accent, Putin responded.

Surprisingly, waving a sword did not become President. His comment was extremely mild: the publication of the list, said GDP is, of course, an unfriendly act, but no response yet will not follow. Russia will just watch. According to Putin, the list itself and other similar steps by the United States should be seen primarily as a manifestation of the struggle of certain forces of the American establishment with Donald trump. His Trustees he advised respond to, guided by the well-known rule: the dog barks — the caravan goes.

— This is nonsense — to curtail our relations! We are not going to look for trouble, to aggravate the situation. We want to and will build relationships so how ready the American side, is quite friendly summed up the GDP.

In the same spirit, he said, and the TV presenter Dmitry Guberniev calling “to go on the offensive” against the IOC for refusing to admit the Olympics even “clean” Russian athletes. As in the case of “the Kremlin list” Russia’s position is to wait and see how the situation will develop, and hope that the story of doping will soon be a thing of the past, made it clear to Putin. He advised the Russian athletes to follow the requirements that the IOC offers to participate in the Olympics. And even praised foreign sports officials: many of them are actually “friendly to Russia” and “fan of world sports”, but may not always intervene in the situation. The only strong language was awarded Rodchenkov: its GDP has publicly called a “jerk.” And the “party of war” had to settle for Putin’s promise not to take the position indefinitely. However, what may be the last straw that breaks the glass of patience, the President however said.

Trustees are, of course, their candidate, not with empty hands. The meeting was preceded by a “brainstorm”, during which they summarized the electors and developed proposals, capable, as expected in the headquarters, to raise Putin’s popularity among key electoral groups. It is not surprising that most of the initiatives were limited to the adoption of programmes in support of something (children’s cultural institutions, rural areas, export, etc.) and allocation of additional budget funds. For example, the rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy, summarize the proposals of the participants of education, asked the President to support the new Federal standards and to adopt the programme “the Teacher of Russia”, which guarantees educators a decent wage. Actor Vladimir Mashkov, on behalf of the artists, called for the support of regions in each small town, he said, should appear a multifunctional cultural centre where residents could spend their leisure time, and young people — to communicate. Perhaps this would solve the problem of “immersion Internet”, which affects the younger generation, says the artist.

Vladimir Putin against additional financing of the social sphere, in principle, did not object. Teachers, he said, should receive not less than the average in the economy. In General, this problem is already solved: the main thing now — not to lower the bar. With regard to multi-cultural centers, according to government estimates, each object will cost at least 1.5 billion rubles, informed the GDP. However, following the request of the Trustees — fold increase financing of social sphere in rural areas — forced the President to set clear accents. “Not at the meetings with the citizens to make promises that we don’t know how to do, he said. — People will forgive anything but cheating!”On the future of the Russian segment of the Internet, the President was not very specific. On the one hand, Putin said, the anonymity Network is democratic and good. With the other nameless workers do not know who is hiding, and it raises questions.

— It’s 37th year! “Black funnels” for you will not come, so what are you hiding? commented on GDP. In his view, censorship in the Network, of course, necessary, but that self-defense must “grow from within society” and not be “draconian”. That will result in these words, yet difficult to predict. In General, the President promised that the basic principle will not change — and everything that is not prohibited by law, will be allowed. Another thing is that the laws are rewritten very quickly and opinions of the professional community (not to mention the public) is often no one asks.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

When it became clear that the allotted meeting time is coming to an end, the cardiologist Leo Bokeria asked Putin to formulate Russia the most important task for the next 6 years. Understanding key objectives, he said, would help Trustees be more productive to work with the voters. The President said very specifically and at the same time vague and ambiguous, because for people important, as you know, is not a goal but a way and means of achieving it. The main objective of Russia, he called a breakthrough in the development in key areas, including the economy, healthcare, science, infrastructure, state institutions, etc. This must be done for the survival of the country, to ensure its future sustainability and competitiveness, said the GDP. However, it remains a mystery exactly what steps need to be done in this way and what reforms the “main candidate” Vladimir Putin considers inevitable.

Obviously, the veil on it will reveal the Message to the Federal Assembly, which the head of state is expected to perform next week.

His Trustees of GDP promised to remove all obstacles that prevent Russia from moving forward, even “the most dear and near”. “As much as we may want to cling to something that seems expensive ones, all that prevents forward movement should be stripped and discarded,” — said the head of state. There is no doubt that after these words in Russian politicallyminded think hard: who is he? And there does not appear in the near future, a new present “the Kremlin list” of those who, according to Putin, will not be able to provide so the country needs a breakthrough?


Lev Leshchenko, people’s artist of the RSFSR, full cavalier of the order “For merits before Fatherland”.

It was a very business-like, constructive, objective of the meeting is very emotional. Of course, there are certain program this day, very professional and constructive questions were asked. But the main thing that the person is a fan of his work, he’s a workaholic, looking at his work, and every day, understand how much strength and health to withstand such loads. But he is absolutely in the material, he is so compassionate, so sincere in expressing his feelings, as if speaking to each one. And it’s most important that people properly understand the need for future updates, all that is associated with the production, economy, charity, creation. The main aspects of his speech — that there were questions of patriotism, this is very much talked about. The whole finale was dedicated to youth, the man, the citizen of Russia. And all the time was the idea that Russia began to respect themselves. It may sound directly, but it has been traced.

We have markedly changed attitude to life, people today are moving away from social apathy, you know that we have to work, to invest, only that it will bring the desired results. People have awakened a sense of self-worth, gone are the days when we just wipe his feet. Today we can influence the situation in Syria, the middle East, we appreciate the open dialogue I want to communicate.

I think a few more have to hold out. A leader like Putin who can influence the situation in Russia, to determine foreign policy, is simply necessary. Even the sanctions, and those allowed to expand their production. We need, maybe even a little forward movement, and we must finally establish itself in the eyes of the international community to become even more powerful and meaningful government.

Joseph Prigogine, a Russian music producer.

Meeting of presidential candidate and incumbent head of state with the Trustees was productive, constructive, each of the groups expressed their point of view. Were touched upon sensitive topics, such as sanctions against Russia and today is represented in the us Congress the so-called “Kremlin report”. But the conclusion from all this there was only one thing to do: go your own way, to do his work, to be strong, to develop the domestic economy, which is the main Foundation of our country.

It is clear that the presidential term will run through many years and Russia will still go forward, but not moving from one handlebar holder to another holder, to constantly be under stress. People need to be confident in the future, that the economy, the Foundation of Russia, will be based solely on some important values.

Here, for example, as in the same America: 250 years of country is changing presidents, but the economy in different periods with varying degrees of success — developing. And we should develop simultaneously and Economics, and Sciences: biology, physics, chemistry — all must move forward together in symbiosis. About this was discussed.

It was absolutely adequate, adult, human conversation. Mr Putin thanked everyone who volunteered to become a Trustee, and expressed hope for constructive dialogue. Was told a lot of things right, and they resonate with my thoughts. The most important thing today is not just to be all in a scattered state when each comes with its own small Charter says, “I want that!”and then it turns out that it was irrelevant. The main thing — to develop a common constructive suggestions, which really would contribute to the development of a particular industry, regional, Moscow does not matter. Any urgency needs to collectively think through, to take decisions and to make proposals, only then they will contribute to the development, not marking time.

Olga Kormukhina, a Russian rock singer. Honored artist of Russia

My meeting was very good experience, I learned a lot for themselves new, and all that was made, was very competent. But we must understand that not one person can solve all the problems, he needs assistants, and these people need to be trained. But at the same time, the soul you no one will invest. So for me it was very important that at the meeting raised the issues of education and schools — that’s very true. And it was attended by figures of culture and art, they talked with great pain about the need for the development of our field. Competent people involved in museums, education, many from the periphery. I know what it’s like culturally to survive. And we need to be more proactive, know how to criticize everything, it would be nice to learn to work. I say this as someone who himself made three of the festival. Importantly, the President is aware of the problems that need to be addressed. And again, we must not forget that the main problem is the world, without it we will not solve anything. And what makes our President, in addressing the military threat is the main! And as for the economy — so it is impossible at the moment to raise it after the collapse, which occurred after the destruction of the Union. You forgot how he went to the country? For so many years it falls apart, because a stone was left! People once fooled, twice, and this is the worst. On the other hand, it is the illusion that we are all bad, and in the West, all is well. Nothing of the sort! And we need to work on perspective, which is very difficult to do! And the spirit of the people, by the way, rises.

I saw at this meeting a competent, experienced person who is already done. This does not mean that I agree with everything, but it should work. And we, not understanding, starts to criticize everything. And you come make! The road by walking. I don’t know the person who was doing something would not have been able to achieve the result. Think how much the USSR had rock groups, leaders, in the 90s, they appeared! And today, where are the names? Because then people worked. The same Vysotsky, Choi, they not only wrote the songs, they worked, one in the boiler room I worked in another theatre. They knew the price of bread, friendship, human relationships were normal people, loved his country and people. Therefore, Vysotsky number two after Gagarin. And the other way to the top no.

Today I realized what a Titanic work: even just to learn all these numbers, to understand them, to understand how it all works, and outline the prospects correctly. And it is foolish to expect that still and will do for you. Cadres decide everything, and today a lot of people who love their country, and they are not ashamed to speak such words.

To date, no such candidates, it is not there, which will withstand all challenges in the world.

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